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Check list!

I am so doing this and know quite a few “list lovers” that will join me! Its a printable checklist for a 2015 Book Challenge! 🙂  I think this will be so much fun!

2015 Book Challenge!


Pancakes and Puppies Christmas breakfast

So, since I do not have children to wake me at 6 am to see what “santa brought”……:(

I have decided to have a FUN morning (and start a tradition) With a lovely Christmas walk with Lily (Ill put on her Christmas dress)

Then we will open our gifts…..

Finally end with a special pancake breakfast for TWO ❤

Isn’t this an adorable idea? I Plan on allowing her to eat at the table, JUST for today 🙂


I am going to be a BIG kid over winter break

I am going to see Alices Adventures In Wonderland at the Sedgewick theater.

It got pretty awesome reviews 🙂


My weekend was busy, yet I still took time out for me. I slowed down my typical crazy, anxiety laden pace and STILL was productive. I had a blast ONCE again making Polish Cruschiki with my mom.  We are getting to be pro’s at this! I hope everyone enjoys this “little bit of us”


I am soooooooooo excited to let my students unwrap their gift today (Headbandz) also I am excited for them to GIVE their gift to another teacher’s class!!! So many wonderful lessons have been learned!  (Including NOT to buy cheap wrapping paper because it RIPS so easily 🙂  )


Sharp Objects by Gillian Flynn

I am loving this book, so far!!! I literally can NOT stop thinking about it and look forward to planning the next chance I can read!

I hope to complete a few books during break…..<3


My mom, dad, aunt and uncle spent half the day together on Sunday. This makes me SO happy. I love seeing them do things together. They visited babcia’s grave, then went to Panera for some soup (YUM) and finally shopped around for our Christmas holiday meal ingredients ❤


Winter Solstice

Yes, Sunday was the FIRST day of winter (who would have known?!) AND the shortest day of the year.  It also was one of 3 annual solstace classes for yoga. The class was a challenge but felt SO good to give “back” to our planet 🙂  The class was repetitive sun salutations……PHEW, my arms! My arms are like jello today! ❤

Tuesday evening will be a repeat ❤

MOM You can do it!


Winter in Slovenia


Not one but TWO jeans days at work this week!

❤ ❤ ❤

Life is good!


I absolutely LOVE this ring!



Good reading and something to think about

Why Being Single Can Be a Defense Mechanism


Pajama and Pancake Party!!!!

What a wonderful idea for our school holiday party! Simple. Sweet. FUN!

We celebrated the spin off to our holiday’s by participating in our FIRST Pancakes and PJ’s celebration !


We all wore our pajamas (teachers and students) and brought stuffed animals…..

We presented our gift (The game JENGA, my students did such an amazing job working TOGETHER to pick a game for our fellow friends over in Ms. Wanko’s class!)


“A” is so excited to “present” the PRESENT to the other class!  🙂

They ALL took turns opening the gift (I was so impressed, no one tore, they were all calm, yet excited and did such an amazing job!)


They were THRILLED with the game of JENGA! I am so glad they liked it!  So much fun!

HATS Off to our fabulous Pancake Chef


The kids ALL ate so many mini pancakes! Surprisingly they favored regular vs. chocolate chip (I KNOW! ? Can you believe it!?)

We even made their pancakes in the shape of the letter of their first name!




I think this has been the BEST holiday party I have ever attended, and I mean that! ❤


Your Turn

1.  What did YOU do JUST FOR TODAY?  Did you forget? There’s STILL time 🙂

2.  Are you looking forward to, or dreading , the snow?

3.  Most memorable gift you have received? given?













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