Healthy Lifestyle

Wednesday Wants 12.24.14

I want

to wish my father a Happy Birthday!!


I want

my parents to have an AMAZING time in Myrtle Beach!

I want

My parents to visit Brookgreen Gardens while in Myrtle beach! I think they would both really enjoy it there!

Click HERE To see how pretty it is!

I want

to attempt to make this Blackforest Cake/Torte over break!

Its always been my fathers favorite. Its a traditional polish favorite!

Are cherries even in season? Will I be able to get them somewhere?

I want

books to be FREE 🙂

I am sort of addicted to reading! I just finished Sharp Objects by Gillian Flynn. I absolutely LOVED this book, which kind of scares me, because it was pretty creepy, dark and mentally challenging.  I liked this even MORE than Gone Girl!

Just a pretty little doll house…………

I want

to read Dark Places next.

I want

to admit that I absolutely LOVE the name Amma. Not Emma, Amma. From a recent book. I wish I did not like the name, but I do, however if I ever have a child. I do NOT think i will be using the name……..

I want

to enjoy the holiday but I also want them to be OVER with

I am so tired of reading, seeing things like “How NOT to overindulge on the holidays”, “How NOT to eat on the Holidays”,

Eat. eat. Eat. Food. Food. Food = Major anxiety 😦

I want

to enjoy my winter break and be happy and healthy (and want YOU to as well!)

I want

to try my handmade (from scratch) Sausauge, hashbrown fritatta on Christmas day!



handmade hashbrowns (phew, luckily my fingers are all still intact!)



Again, all ten fingers are……SAFE!


I want

to day dream about being on the beach ❤

I want

to say I am leaning towards NOT getting a new doggy right now 😦 After some thought, I just do not think its a great time

My heart is broken, but it is the RIGHT choice

I want

to get a smart tv so I can set up my netflix to stream through it………I have an old school tv, from 1980, which is big and boxy. I need a new TV!  I NEVER , EVER, EVER watch television, BUT it would be nice to have the option, PLUS I think there are tons of cooking shows and animal shows and maybe even movies, I might enjoy from time to time….<3

I want

to Thank Amy for this wonderful idea!
Gingerbread Playdoh! She was right. So much FUN to make, and I think the kids will LOVE having something different to play with on Christmas Day!







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