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Thankful Christmas Thursday

Merry Christmas everyone!

I hope you have a wonderful, relaxing, special holiday with family and friends today! I sure plan to!


This Christmas I have so much to be Thankful for.  Honestly, it is the first year I feel “real”.  I have been open about my eating issues, I have been open with how I feel, I have been more honest with myself and others. This is what I am MOST Thankful for this Christmas Thursday. I am finally able to tell people what is inside my head. I am finally able to tell people what I like and dislike. I am finally able to share my own opinions and not just agree with everyone to please them. I am finally able to accept others, although I may not agree with them, I can respect their choices and decisions. I am finally able to accept myself (still working on this!)



Puppies and Pancakes!

Lily absolutely LOVE this.
First, she was like “Ummmmm, mom, I am NOT allowed to be at the table, GET ME DOWN!”


Then, it was “Are you sure this is OK mom?” (YES! Lily but JUST FOR TODAY, do NOT get used to this)


Lily “Wait, is this…….sausage? pancakes? Syrup?! Whuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuut!”


“Gobble, gobble, faster, faster mommy may change her mind”




“Now its mommy’s turn, maybe she will drop something….”


“Presents? For me? I am allowed to rip something??!”


I can honestly say I have the BEST dog ever. I am so in love with this little hot dog! She has brought me so much love and happiness. I am so thankful for her ❤





Tap into your passions again.

Remembering what activities and people make you feel fulfilled is a crucial step in regaining your sense of self in a deep way. Plus, you will feel happier, which will then help you regain your confidence.

I am thankful for FINALLY allowing myself to do this. I have planned some VERY nice things for myself over break. For example, a show (Alice in Wonderland) then meeting with a few people to view the city holiday lights.

Something so small, simple, yet something I would have never done before. I am not afraid of doing this alone. I am excited. I am excited to meet new people along the way . I am excited for life 🙂


for NO longer being on my way towards a life of narcissism. I admit. As a people pleaser, I was right on my way. It was not out of spite, or wanting to hurt people. It was my own dissatisfaction with myself. I am THANKFUL for all I have learned this year and for the power of being able to turn myself away from ever becoming this:

A narcissist is someone who exaggerates his or her achievements or talents, requires constant admiration, has the inability to recognize the needs of others, changes his or her identity frequently, and uses people for his or her own gain. Being with one can tear at the very fiber of who you believe you are, and cause you at times, to behave like a shadow of the person you know you can be. In fact, if you have ever been in this situation, you know that they often make you out to be, “the crazy one.” They talk themselves into believing things and situations so much, that you start to question yourself, and your own sanity.


that I was able to find the keys to the condo in Myrtle Beach! My parents are leaving tomorrow morning and I was slightly panicking because they were NOT where I thought they were…………..BUT I found them! PHEW!!!



for my aunt and uncle for opening their home again and gathering our family together for MY best Christmas ever. This was truly the most carefree and enjoyable holiday yet. I can tell things are just getting better. It feels great to be real and alive 🙂

Aunt Irene did an amazing job with the cooking. The filet was perfect, the asparagus was perfectly crisp, her salad was one of the best I’ve had……just perfection. Not to mention the numerous appetizers!! I am so proud of her for trying my fritatta! She is not a fan of cheese but did it anyway!!


Their home looked absolutely breathtaking inside and out. The outside made it feel like a wintery wonderland, the inside……felt warm, cozy and safe ❤

Uncle Jim did a fabulous job playing the Christmas Carols. We had the traditional, some polish , some Family Feud (LOL).  Thank you both for making this such a wonderful and memorable holiday!


for Carla and Mike (and the girls!)

Wow. I am speechless. Mike and Carla made each of us in the family a personalized burlap name frame for our homes.


They put so much thought into each one. They were really unique and individualized for each of us. Mine (above) distressed wood, sea shell, burlap, SO ME!

If you are interested in one, email me or Mike @

Their girls are absolutely amazing. I loved holding, playing, cuddling and spending time with L and E ❤






Carla also organized the FUN games (Family Feud) and made her famous/fabulous deviled eggs (this is on my to try list, eggs are just so unappealing to me, however I KNOW they will be good, just have to get over my phobia of how things look and actually taste them). How does she have the time and energy to do all this!?!


Family Feud (Men vs. woman)

Guess who won??????


YUP! Girls RULE, Boys DROOL!


Ooops! Retake, we forgot one of the “ladies” (Lily the pup)

 Their girls are lucky to have them. They are going to be one unique, creative and SMART family!  (Not to mention good looking, BUT thats a given )


Tina and Tony

Tina ordered made wings and as usual outdid herself with all her yummy treats!

She look absolutely ADORABLE in her little elf pajamas!


I am so thankful for them both because they gave us these two love bugs 🙂



I learned about WHAT my cousin actually did at work (I’ve been dying to know, but always felt stupid asking) I was reminded of Tony’s love of vinegar (and ketchup, but HOW could anyone forget that)

I see what amazing parents and cousins they are ❤


for the peace and quiet of my home

Merry Christmas to all and to all a



Your Turn

1.  Tell me about your holiday?


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