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Friday Faves 12.26.14

Happy Happy Friday of Christmas Past!


Currently Feeling:  Happy

I was ALL smiles the moment I woke up today and kept that smile ALL day. The smile was from remembering little bits and pieces of yesterday (Christmas!) I kept thinking about how cute the kids were, how delicious the food was, how fun the games were, how fabulous my gifts were (loves those pj’s!)

My morning started with a coffee run to Wawa for THREE coffee’s. I got my parents a coffee and grabbed my mom then took her to get her rental car.  I set up their blue tooth (which they have already managed to disconnect) and they were on their way!

They should be arriving in Myrtle Beach shortly. I am so excited to see what they think (it is my dad’s FIRST time there!)

Next, I went for a run. Lily was tired from yesterday so I decided to let her rest. I felt good and wanted to run……but more importantly wanted to listen to my book 🙂

Currently reading

I am currently reading two books! Woaaaaaaaaaaah me!

I am listening to “The Beautiful American“. I really like it. It is different from my typical picks. Its about :

From Paris in the 1920s to London after the Blitz, two women find that a secret from their past reverberates through years of joy and sorrow….

As recovery from World War II begins, expat American Nora Tours travels from her home in southern France to London in search of her missing sixteen-year-old daughter. There, she unexpectedly meets up with an old acquaintance, famous model-turned-photographer Lee Miller. Neither has emerged from the war unscathed. Nora is racked with the fear that her efforts to survive under the Vichy regime may have cost her daughter’s life. Lee suffers from what she witnessed as a war correspondent photographing the liberation of the Nazi concentration camps.

Nora and Lee knew each other in the heady days of late 1920s Paris, when Nora was giddy with love for her childhood sweetheart, Lee became the celebrated mistress of the artist Man Ray, and Lee’s magnetic beauty drew them all into the glamorous lives of famous artists and their wealthy patrons. But Lee fails to realize that her friendship with Nora is even older, that it goes back to their days as children in Poughkeepsie, New York, when a devastating trauma marked Lee forever. Will Nora’s reunion with Lee give them a chance to forgive past betrayals…and break years of silence to forge a meaningful connection as women who have shared the best and the worst that life can offer?

A novel of freedom and frailty, desire and daring, The Beautiful American portrays the extraordinary relationship between two passionate, unconventional women.

Also, I am physcially reading, (yes that is right, a real book, I am reading!)
Miss Perigrine’s Home For Peculiar Children

A mysterious island. An abandoned orphanage. A strange collection of very curious photographs.

It all waits to be discovered in Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children, an unforgettable novel that mixes fiction and photography in a thrilling reading experience. As our story opens, a horrific family tragedy sets sixteen-year-old Jacob journeying to a remote island off the coast of Wales, where he discovers the crumbling ruins of Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children. As Jacob explores its abandoned bedrooms and hallways, it becomes clear that the children were more than just peculiar. They may have been dangerous. They may have been quarantined on a deserted island for good reason. And somehow—impossible though it seems—they may still be alive.

A spine-tingling fantasy illustrated with haunting vintage photography, Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children will delight adults, teens, and anyone who relishes an adventure in the shadows

I am only on chapter 3 (which I have managed NOT to fall asleep during!) and I am really, really, really enjoying it!

I find myself getting excited for my next opportunity to READ!

Currently Experiencing:  “Artsy” play

I have only been to “traditional” plays. By traditional I mean, nothing crazy, nice costumes, props, scenery, etc. Today I went to my FIRST “artsy” play. I think that is the best word to describe it…..


I had always LOVED Alice In Wonderland as a child. I thought it was fun, exciting and I was able to use my imagination. Not to mention those little tea cakes looked soooooooo delicious!!  What I did not realize was how it could also been interpreted as a nice drug “trip”. Yikes. I saw quite some of that aspect during today’s play…..

Act 1

Oh. My. I am scared. It’s a black light production. It’s dark. White lights. I feel like like this was meant to be a “trippy” event.  It immediately  gives me terrible memories of things I’ve seen in the past. Brought back some old feelings…. Anyway……………. The black lights were REALLY neat but some characters really creeped me out!

First. The birds.

Omg. They scared me. They gawked around strange loud and awkward. If I were a child I would be in tears. It makes me think how scary MY OWN chicken impersonation must be ! (ha!)

The caterpillar

He was puffing on something, blowing out smoke as well as some deep words….in a creepy creepy voice (Think Homey the clown, remember “Homey don’t play that!”)

The Pig Baby

…..was a man. A real, full sized, man.  He was also breast feeding.  They staged it so that his head looked like the babies head.  It was hideous.  He wore black clothes and mother clutched a doll to her breast. The dolls head was the MANS head nuzzled in her breasts. Ew.  She was breastfeeding him. (The picture shows the baby body attached to his head, well picture THAT breast feeding…….yeah)

*I am a bit disturbed. I feel offended. Not quite sure why. They sounded as if they were mocking children with special needs, although I do not think that was the intent. I think I just work so closely in the field, had a brother on the spectrum and remember all the bullying students that were a little different received when I was in school.

The theater was packed with children. Not little ones,  but pre teens with their families. I hope they do not have night mares tonight! I hope I do not have night mares. (Lol) I have never experienced anything like this. I am forcing myself to stay through act two even though a HUGE  part of me wants to dart to my car…it’s safe there (the birds can’t get me!)

Act 2
I am happy I stayed. A few intriguing characters were introduced, they had BEAUTIFUL voices. There was one man who moved so gracefully, although he was playing a silly part (he had his hair in braids and was wearing a tutu) he still MOVED so gracefully! I could watch him for hours!   I started appreciating the play for WHAT it was, not for what I had expected. The artist was creative. He really came up with some great ideas. For example, when Alice was HUGE, he made her cry HUGE tears, these huge tears were Tennis Rackets! It looked so neat cascading down in the black light! ALl you could see was the “tear” shape of the racket 🙂

Also, the humor. There were several humorous and thought out parts! Very creative

Alice was  fabulous. She is a beautiful young girl. Very talented. I am not quite sure of her age, she was older, however fooled me into believing she was a 13 year old, right down to her footsteps in those black strapped Mary Janes. She just bounced and floated with such energy around the stage…… a 13 year old would 🙂

They are all talented. For the purpose they are portraying. It is a weird, twisted talent.

Act 2 had some very talented songs where the actors were able to show off their beautiful voices, all amongst a chaotic “mad house”, literally.

It was very difficult for me at first. My emotions were everywhere. Scared, sickened, insulted, offended…….then I started to appreciate it.

I am happy I went!  It is one more thing I feel more “worldly” about!  I am excited to see what else is out there, out of my safe little bubble ❤

Currently Drinking

 I call it The Dirty Diana 

It is my special coffee combo! I love it!  3 parts Trader Joe’s regular roast to 1 part Archer Farms Candy Cane

mmmmm, pure blissful minty treat 🙂

 (I originally posted I did NOT like the candy cane coffee, HOWEVER, my new combination, The Dirty Diana, is absolutely PERFECT)

 Currently Thinking

When I should eat these fabulous Red Velvet cupcakes that Robin dropped off for me (So sweet!!!!)  What a special feeling to come home to after a crazy show……lol



 Lily and I already tasted some of the HOMEMADE buttercream frosting. Wow, talent. Your brother has NO idea what he is missing! 🙂  I do not think I am ready to eat a full cupcake yet, but I am going to try it……who knows. I may not be able to stop ❤

Currently Thinking

How lucky I am to have off this week. I am so happy to just relax, rest, explore, learn about myself (and others).  I am so thankful and grateful for this time off!

Currently Thinking

That I CAN read books and listen to them. I have found that reading during the day while sitting UP keeps me engaged!  I am enjoying holding a real book and reading it, it is great to walk around, cook, clean, etc and listen to my audio books as well, but when I really want to wind down and relax, a good old fashioned book is perfect!  I just have a hard time finding time to do that……I like things quick! I like things to move along!

How perfect was it that I was EARLY to my show today and right next door was this cute little book shop. Of course I wandered in and got lost for a good 30 minutes 🙂



Currently Thinking

This Philadelphia Christmas village was ……..a waste of time.  I am glad I went because it was so beautiful there, the decor, the people, the scents. However, the items and booths were the same as every other year, which I sort of expected. I guess I am a bit disappointed because I was not really looking for anything and I have been to so many craft fairs that nothing was new or original to me there.

I did however get a FABULOUS parking spot! (On a Friday night!)







(This was inside the little heated tent. It was all beautifully crafted german ornaments and items. I also got in “trouble” for taking a picture inside.  NO pictures allowed FYI)

These crepes smelled absolutely AMAZING


Nutella crepes. I am kind of kicking myself for not getting one, but I had red velvet cupcakes waiting for me at home!

Your Turn

1.  How are you spending the day after Christmas? relaxing, shopping, lounging?  Tell me!

2.  Have you ever been to an ecelectic or artsy play/show? Share your experience

3.  Will you be setting a new years resolution this yet?


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