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Saturday safes and saves


It is very safe to say you will not find me responding to any man that has the following pictures on his online dating profile….. Lol

1. “Not my child but look how good I am with kids!”


2.” I’m a good guy I pose with puppies”



3. “See! I cannnnn get hot girls!”


4. “I’m fierce. Worldly. I travel. I am fearless. I pose with tigers…”


5.” I am so cool!”


6. “First date: sushi”


7.” I’m too sexy for this….site!”



8. ” Look! I have friends”

(ok, so which one are YOU!?)

9. “Selfie + wifebeater = NO”

(I just find it such a turn off to see an iphone selfie in the pic!?  LOL)


 Hiking at Smithville Park.

Lily and I met some friends (about 50! ha) and hiked around Smithville Park. It is so beautiful there. I love the bridges and trees and paths! Very dog friendly. I will definitely go back!  The group was not quick enough for me. I prefer to keep moving. We took frequent stops, which was expected with such a large group. Overall is was fabulous, however a bit faster is more my speed. Absolutely BEAUTIFUL and perfect day for a hike!


Haddonfield First Night.

What a fun, family friendly way to ring in the New Year. I am considering going, IF it is not too cold. I absolutely HATE the cold!


Denise’s lemon bars were the HIT of the Christmas Dessert table! They were the first thing to go, and they went within minutes!! Brought back so many wonderful memories!  I am going to attempt to recreate them for myself today 🙂  Wish me luck (I’ll keep y’all posted!)


This story breaks my heart. Its about a little boy with autism that was lost in Horry County, SC.  He was found yesterday, unfortunately not a good ending 😦

This just reminds me to focus on the importance of teaching my students NOT to wander away or wander off alone, ever. If I accomplish anything, it will be to make sure my students master this concept



Its on sale this week at Shoprite for $7.99!
Wooo hooo


I am supposed to do this tomorrow…..

wish me luck! Hahah

Your Turn

1.  What is something that is out of your comfort zone that you are going to attempt?

2.  Do you have any weird turn offs?

3.  What are your plans for NYE?


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