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Weekend UPdate and Week AHead 12.28.14

I had a fabulous weekend! I hope you did too!

I enjoyed everything I did this weekend, even if it were just for the experience alone


Alices Adventures In Wonderland (Trippy!)



Hike at Smithville Park (beautiful Day!)

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It was so much FUN gathering some fresh, organic eggs at my parents 🙂  It was even nicer dropping them off for Mike, Carla and the kiddos!

I also attempted to recreate Denise’s Lemon bars. I made them with coconut flour, almond flour and other goodies. They were good but NOTHING like Denise’s lol. Completely different all together. I like them but after having Denise’s, I can gaurentee that YOU would’nt  lol

These are what MINE look like


*UPDATE* I just found out that Denise’s recipe is available and not a shhhhhhhhhhhh secret!   I thought it was!! 🙂


  • Run & Yoga
  • take care of my parents animals! One of the chicken eggs had a HOLE in it 😦 I was so sad!
  • movies with a friend!  I finally saw Wild and finally MET Steve!! He is such a sweet heart! ❤  Thank you for meeting me last minute! More importantly thank you for allowing me to do something spontaneous! I have difficulty with those things!

My thoughts on Wild

I really love Reese Witherspoon. I thought she did an excellent job in her role.  I loved how the movie showed certain parts of her life in little glimpses during her hike.  The hike was HARD. Phew.  I do not know if I would be able to do it. This is something I have always wanted to try, yet after seeing the movie, I do not know if I still have the desire.

I love how Cheryl decides to take control of her life and leave her down spiraling lifestyle currently filled with adultery, lies, sex and drugs. She sets out on a hike on the Pacific Crest Trail. It shows what strong of a person she is. She did so in pain, and in anger, yet she still did it and kept trekking on even when she was scared shitless, or hopeless, she found something in her to keep her going (her mother)

It was sad. It brought back a lot of my own childhood memories, it also made me see that NO matter how difficult anything is, like hiking the PCT, dealing with and accepting your feelings and emotions and accepting yourself JUST the way you are is even more grueling!

I feel like I can relate to Cheryl in this …..She finally found herself, just as I am finally finding myself……….minus the 100 day trek 🙂

Bottom Line:  (B)  I enjoyed the movie. It was very touching and emotional.  I was a bit disappointed (is that even the right word) because I thought she would face scarier challenges during the trip. He biggest challenges were not on the trail but in her life….those were deeper and darker.   I enjoy a more fast paced, psychological thriller.  This was a bit more laid back for my taste, but I still enjoyed it very much.

***From NOW ON I will buy all my hiking gear from REI.  Did you know that if you are ever stuck on a trail or need their assistance, they will send you a package to your next stop/location along your trail? Not sure that I will ever require those services, but I will be shopping there, JUST for the mere fact that they are so loyal to their customers!

Week Ahead

  • I have some paper work to do 😦 I will be spending most of my Monday trying to switch my social security card, bank accounts and drivers license to my maiden name. Its about TIME, and it needs to be done! Long overdue!
  • I have a walk and talk doggie date this week! 🙂
  • I have a Star Wars date with my nephews and cousins. I am pretty excited!


All this reminiscing of childhood made me think of bullies.  Yes. I had them. I was bullied, and I have come to learn that MOST children are. It is so sad, because we know NOW that it is meaningless and the bullies had their own issues, but as a child it is difficult to comprehend this. Especially when all you want, is JUST to fit in.  So it made me think. Would you/Have you confronted an old bully? Student or teacher.

If you were bullied as a child and had the opportunity to confront your bully/ies today, would you? What would you say?  

I am kind of torn on this. Part of me would LOVE to tell the people how much they hurt me and aided in my low confidence and mistrust issues, but deep down, I know it was because I was not strong enough, I allowed them to get to me, I was an easy target.  However, it would feel good letting them know how much there words and actions affected me. The other part of me just wants to let it go. I am so much more confident, strong and happy now, that what does it matter.

Your Turn

1.  What do you think you would learn about yourself during a 100 day hike?

2.  If you were bullied as a child and had the opportunity to confront your bully/ies today, would you? What would you say?  

3.  What are your NYE plans!?


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