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Ten for Tuesday

1. Everyone has a story.

I have been paying attention to people more now that I am seeing things “clearer”. I’m very interested in others. What makes them happy, unique, excites them. So here are a few of the random and interesting (yet ordinary) people I met Monday and their “story”

Who I met Monday

At the social security office:  Pretty 30 something year old that was not thrilled to be there changing her name. She was pretty upset because she is an established publicist and everything is already in her maiden name she said “I’m too old for this stuff. ”  She mentioned everyone already KNOWS her and she has already made a name for herself….she was not at all the giddy 20 something year old I WAS when I first got married. I was sooooo excited to have my name changed. TODAY I was SOOOO Excited to have it changed BACK 🙂

Also at SS office:  Sweet security guard who at first gave me an attitude for not being quick enough (he called my name, I was trying to gather my things and he became impatient and was telling me to HURRY), Then immediately when he saw me and that I was not 80 years old and I can assume thought I was slightly attractive (I was wearing REAL clothes, not my sweats LOL) his outlook changed and he became apologetic, helpful and sweet 🙂   Hmmmm

Wawa:  She was wearing workout clothes, black tights, colorful sneaks, late 40s early 50s……She had a graspy smokers voice. She was making her coffee as I was getting my tea. She kept looking at me, finally she asked “Are you the girl that dated that famous baseball player?”

I looked around “Who, Me?!????  lol Nope, not I!”

I answered and gave a little smirk thinking that  it would have been nice to date someone famous (maybe not?) Then when I  was in line behind her she was paying for the coffee and the cashier asked her “So where do you work?” She responded casually ” I don’t have to work I’m married to a doctor”  She walked outside and got into her Escalade that she had left running

Beneficial Bank –The pleasant man at the bank and helped me change my name on my bank account he was very polite very helpful and he was very happy.  He wore his wedding ring and looked at it several times. Each time he looked at it he smiled. He seemed like a genuine, sweet man. To me, it seemed he may be a newlywed and missed his wife 🙂  I did not ask

Beneficial Bank  Part II –The overworked,” not enough help”,  “wish I had more hands” woman that had to reprint my bank card for me.  She was rushed, hurried and did not look me in the eye once. She wanted me in and out

2. Oats. Or mush

After watching “wild” you would think I’d be disgusted by oats because that is all she ate during her hiking adventure. Sure she got creative and mixed different things in with her oats : granola , nuts, beef jerky….. This got me thinking of MY OWN love of oats and made me think I could in fact possible do something similar. I would be the perfect candidate for this life changing adventure because….I would be perfectly happy eating oats every day! In fact. It may spark my interest to want to try new things after 100 days of …..oats

I will never . Ever. Tire of oats

3,  Dear Mom and Dad,

Please STOP calling me and putting me on speaker phone and speaking to me BOTH at the same time. I feel like my head is spinning each time you call. I miss just talking to my mom, she is constantly being interupted by the “interrupting chicken” my dad, over there in the background

4.  Star Wars

My cousins invited me over to watch the FIRST Star Wars movie with them. I admit, it is intense. So many characters, aliens, people, robots…….They all have names, and jobs and are someone later. Its confusing BUT it is GOOD. I am intrigued!  The characters and story line are great. I am going to give it a shot and read up on it.  LOL Wonder if the trekky fans will welcome me with open arms?

I had the opportunity to interview some of the Star Wars Pro’s at my cousins house.  Here is what I learned

Chase:  “Anakin is my favorite”  He also knows a deep secret that he refuses to tell me.

Tina:  “Obe Wan Kanobi is HOT”

Tony:  He seemed to be our GO TO for the answers (Well him and Chase) They know what is going on……In fact, Chase knows SO well that he had time to read his Minecraft book during the movie (lol)  ……the rest of us are still  learning. I am glad Tony explained the racing scene to me, because otherwise I would have been lost

Justin:  ” I like all the bad guys!”

5. Star Wars Convention

April 16- 19, 2015, Anaheim CA

LOL Family Trip????

6.  12 Rituals in 12 Days for a  Love and Prosperity filled NEW YEAR

I am totally doing ALL of these!!

7.  Fitting for the New Year

Detox Your Life

8. Why I’d Rather Be Single On New Years Eve

Its not so bad 🙂

9.  New Years Eve- YOGA

Yoga at the Art Museum

At the Art Museum 

I am actually considering doing this! Its indoors, warm, alcohol free AND I’d be home way before midnight (LOL)

10.  Anger

I can not control it. I wish I knew WHY I was angry with some people. I feel like I am doing everything possible to confront my anger with myself and with the other person, yet I still feel ………ANGRY

There must be something more to this……I know I will figure it out soon enough

I am irritated, annoyed, anxious, disgusted. I want those feelings to go away. I know I am the only one capable of making that happen, I just need to find a way to let go. Being angry with someone is making me take it out on myself. I am tired today physically AND mentally. I do not want to exercise at all. I am angry with myself for NOT wanting to….I wish I could just  be ok with things they way they are and stop beating myself up for not wanting to do things……

Your Turn

1.  Who did you meet today? What made them leave an impression? Something positive or negative?

2.  What anger can you let go of today?

3.  Are you making a new years resolution?


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