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Un manic Monday Part I

Happy Un-Manic Monday

Part I


Well today is definitely UN-Manic for me because I am on winter break!! No School!! Weeeeeeeeeeeee heeeeeeeeeeee!  Just a little excited 🙂

Typically I get bored over long breaks but NOT this year. I am having fun exploring, trying new things, going new places and getting things accomplished! 🙂 I am loving life once again



Carlo’s Bake Shop (Marlton)

I finally stopped in today! I was at Trader Joe’s and for ONCE there was not a crazy line outside, AND a parking spot, so I popped in, and am glad I did.
YUM, it smells incredible in there!! They have lovely cakes, cupcakes, cannoli, cookies, all sorts of sweets. I did not buy anything I just browsed, took a few pictures and grabbed a brochure. I will definitely order something for my next occasion!






(yes I look like a deer in the headlight. I am QUITE aware of that 🙂 )


I finally did it! I changed my social security card, drivers license and bank accounts to my maiden name! It feels SO good. I feel like a new woman! (And the lines were not that bad!!)



Update from North Myrtle Beach via Mom and Dad. Yesterday they were exhausted. .They ended up passing out pretty early. Quite honestly that is my FAVORITE thing to do in North Myrtle. Lounge around the condo and community. Not quite sure what it is, but I feel at peace and at ease there.

Tomorrow my dad is heading out on a charter boat to catch some fish in Calabash, NC 🙂 Good luck!


The Beautiful American by Jeanne Mackin


I finished it this morning. It was a good read. I prefer a more of a pscyhological thriller but this story was …..beautiful. It follows the lives of two woman and their friendship. They cross paths many times in their lives. The both have gone through so much, and survived the terrible war and did not end up one of Hitler’s victims.  This story follows their lives from childhood to old age and everything in between.  Partially in Paris, partially in America. Its pretty neat how you can see and compare both lifestyles and cultures 🙂

I give it 3 out of 5 stars ❤

Next up:  The Orphan Train

and I am about 3/4 finished Miss Peregrines Home for Peculiar Children. I like it so far!! It is not what I expected at all!


My Goal for 2015…

is NOT to set any goals. I just want to be more mindful. More present. More in tune with being happy and healthy physically and mentally.

I am tired of hearing everyone talk about restricting, losing weight, not eating this or that, eating ONLY this, eliminating things…………JUST LIFE YOUR LIFE. Try to make healthy choices for your mind and body ❤




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