Healthy Lifestyle

Wednesday wants

I want

a FJ cruiser
I have loved these for a while now. I am perfectly happy with my brand-new car however if I were to upgrade to an SUV this is what I would eventually want!


I want

to let go of the anger I have and make it positive. Instead of seeing people for their flaws, I need to start seeing people for the POSITIVE things they contribute to my life and others ❤
This is something I need to work on, but at least I am aware of it!

I want

the warm weather. I am so tired of feeling cold constantly!! I hate walking outside to take Lily to the bathroom, or to walk to my car, or go to a store, or go anywhere! I want sunshine and warmth!

I want

to admit I have major control issues.  I want to make sure now that I am not trying to control my food, I do not let this move to other areas of my life.  My head keeps making up all these silly/stupid RULES, this is my control. Its exhausting. Please stop!

When I can allow myself to un-guiltfully BREAK those silly rules, I will find my happiness

I want

my aunt and family to STOP making me special meals. I really appreciate it and I know you want everyone to be happy, but for my own healing, I need it to stop. Do not make anything specific for “Diana”, Diana will eat what she wants or does not want.

So, Aunt Irene , do NOT make me a baked potato on New Years Day.  If I want potatoes, I will eat the mashed potatoes, just like everyone else. If I don’t , I won’t 🙂 Simple! Less work for you!

I want

to let go of the fear of worrying that others will think I am a BAD teacher/person, if I get annoyed with kids. Truth is. Yes. Kids annoy me at times. Other times I love their company and presence. I am sure I am not the only one that feels this way. I am no longer going to hide it and pretend to be happy around kids ALL the time. It is unrealistic. At least for me anyway

I want

My parents to check out the Polar Bear Plunge TODAY in Myrtle Beach!

I think they’d get a kick out of it!


The fifth annual “Ultimate Polar Bear Plunge for a Cure” will benefit the American Cancer Society. Details at 692-2011, or email

Details | 2 p.m. (register noon-1:30 p.m.) at Oceanside at Wyndham SeaWatch Plantation, 151 SeaWatch Drive, off Kings Road, just north of Myrtle Beach, for donations of $10 for “Little Dipper” or $20 “Ultimate Plunger.”

I want

to meet my fathers NEWEST Pet addition to our family…………Lizard. I wonder what his/her name will be?

Lizzie? Leo?

I want

To try one of these fabulous Ball Drop Time Bombs!!

A local shop in Haddonfield is selling them!

Sweet T’s Bake Shop


I want

to show you my newest book (I love psychological Thrillers and Gillian Flynn!) and new bookmarks!
They are scented!! Super cute!!


Your Turn

1.  What is ONE goal you would like to accomplish in 2015?

2.  What are you happy to leave behind in 2014?

3.  What are you NYE Plans!?


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