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Thankful For 2015

I am so proud of all my accomplishments in 2014

Most of all for:

  • finally having the courage and strength to admit and work towards conquering my eating disorder
  • telling my friends and family how I feel, even if it is uncomfortable
  • telling my father how I feel
  • being more open and honest with myself
  • allowing myself to rest, relax and take it easy
  • not beating myself up physically or mentally anymore
  • getting myself into therapy
  • letting go of anger
  • apologizing when I need to
  • accepting people how they are and realizing I can not change them
  • loving my work but also loving my life. Separating the two
  • working towards balance in all areas of my life
  • letting the REAL me shine through, even if I may not like it

I am thankful for a New Year and a new me. I am excited to start a full year at a completely different level. I am a much different person today than I was last year, and I will continue to change, learn, and share new things and ideas.



I am thankful for the lovely idea of starting a positive accomplishments, motivational jar for 2015!  Each time I feel good or have done something good (tried a new food, had a great date, ate something delicious, told someone exactly how I felt) I will write it down, fold it up and put it in my jar 🙂 I plan on glitzing up my jar a bit too, to make it extra special 🙂






for falling in love again……….with reading!

Currently reading:





for not being hung over 🙂


Apple Pie Date Bars

Copycat Apple Pie Larabars! 8 ingredients, SO simple, naturally sweet and delicious! #vegan

I love apples. I love Dates (the fruit haha) These look so yummy!


For wanting this:

Its for teens. I am a bit embarrassed that I want it , but Ill go over that 🙂   Its a little journal filled with things to do, write, silly, fun. Its all ME !


9 Things to Accept Before You Can Love Unconditionally

I do have hope that one day I will have a wonderful, fulfilling and healthy relationship…..When I am ready<3


Lists! Oh how I love my lists!  Here are 5 Reasons why they are so awesome!



for being able to share my feelings. It feels GOOD to get things out in the open and stop hiding them or feeling ashamed

I am ashamed this morning. I feel something is WRONG with me. I am so hungry. I did not do much at all today or yesterday (activity wise), I relaxed, lounged, read, went for a walk……..This morning I feel like a bottom less pit. I am so hungry. I am freaking out. WHY am I so hungry? Am I going to ever feel full? Am I ever going to stop eating, or will be I 500 pounds soon.

Breathe.  Let it go.  As long as I am healthy and happy it does NOT matter what my weight is.  Do I feel good? Do I have energy? DO I feel happy? Eat. JUST EAT. Eat when you feel hungry. Maybe that will make ME enjoy life more. Fill that emptiness, eat, THEN tackle life

Your Turn

1.  What are you proud of that you accomplished in 2014?

2.  How did you ring in the New Year?
3.  Do you have any New Years Day plans today?


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