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Saturday safes and saves


Lily The Great

Today I went to a feature special presentation of a magic show performed by the new and upcoming “Lily The Great”



She had a little help from her rusty side kick, Magic Mike, and put on an amazing show. Best of all, she got to practice! (Her eye contact is a huge strength!)

The ticket was a fair price, my $1 got me:

  • A magic show with several special tricks
  • a candy cane
  • water
  • coffee (although I refused)
  • free hair trial
  • lots of love, hugs and kisses
  • cuddles
  • braiding practice and experience
  • most of all, out of my BAD mood. I was feeling pretty crappy this morning before I went over….<3


Look how cool this doll head is for our little hairdresser in training to PRACTICE on (instead of mom or Mike 🙂 Smart move guys)

This doll was really cool! I kinda want one for myself!  The hair is real, the head has a clamp so that you can “clamp” it to the table…..I do admit, this MAY give me the occasional nightmare

*When I was little, my brother had a “My Buddy” doll……..

I feared it would turn into Chucky , so I used to tie up its arms and legs and throw it in the closet…….I was just looking out for the family 🙂



Concept (I read this today in “Good Manners For Those People That Sometimes Say F*ck

Friends should be just that. Friends

Separate friends from “work”.  I will not ask my friends to do things for me that I can easily hire others to do. Instead I’ll spend time with my friend while the hired help gets the job accomplished.  🙂

I know personally I don’t mind doing things for others at all, however I am consumed with guilt if I can not do what they went for circumstances out of my control. Therefore I’ll take that away by choosing not to involve friends in “business”.  Plus, I always feel guilty when a friend does something for me…..I feel obligated to do something in return, I do not like that lingering feeling.



Everyone wants to be heard. I want to be heard.make sure to give your relationships the “ear”. They deserve

Really listen. Don’t try to problem solve. Just listen and place yourself in their shoes. You may not always agree but that is out if your control. Just listen.


Speak up for rudeness

Do it’. Obviously your safety is priority but if you see something inappropriate or wrong. Speak up. The more we do the better off everyone will be.



Yesterday I began to feel like an outcast.  I did not feel like I “belonged” or was a “part”.
A few moments with my family on New Year’s Day I felt like I could not relate. I made it a negative experience (as usual) today I am putting a positive spin on all those negatives

Negative:   Feeling like I do not relate to anyone. They either have children , are in relationships, have responsibilities other than mine….

Positive:  I have been married. I have been pregnant. I have my own “children’s” (my students). I can relate in many ways. I need to stop feeling un-important or that I don’t matter or “fit it” because truth is….. I can relate


To say that my baby cousin is NO longer a baby! (And has not been for quite some time)

I am so happy and excited to share the news. Joelle is engaged! Jose popped the question during their little trip to Disney World (How adorable! This has always been a fantasy of mine, my first wedding was even Cinderella themed!! hahah)



I am so excited to get to know them as a couple better and just want to congratulate them and wish them happiness and lots of fun throughout the planning process ! We have a wedding to attend!! ❤

I asked Joelle HOW the proposal went down, Here is the scoop 🙂

“Hi Diana! So here’s the story of how he proposed 🙂 We went for a walk on the beach last night and as we were walking he was telling me how much I mean to him and then we stopped in front of the ocean and he said “I have something for you” and then he got down on one knee and asked “will you do me the honor of marrying me?” It was perfect”

It sure was PERFECT 🙂  You will make a Beautiful BRIDE Joe, can not wait to see you!


The Top Libraries! I would love to visit some of these!


Des!! Did You KNOW these facts about San Francisco??

WTF San Fran!


This Is How We Date Now

This makes me sad because it is so true. I feel like dating has turned into SHOPPING. I swipe and click through various apps looking for Mr. Right, I miss the good ol’ days of running into someone that has common interests and you are attracted to 😦


I really love these 12 Monthly Wellness Challenges

I will be partaking in the No Make Up Monday’s.  I do not wear much to begin with , but I think it will be a great confidence booster for myself


NPR’s best book recommendations 


Worlds Greatest Libraries (So MANY are on the east coast!! Weeeeeeeeeeeeeee ROAD TRIP!)

**Wow, what have I become, I am getting excited at the possibility of visiting a …………..library…..”

Your Turn

1.  What is one positive/attainable goal you are setting for 2015? (Not food/weight related)

2. What are you currently reading?

3.  Any trips planned for 2015??


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