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Weekend Update/Week Ahead

I spent the weekend preparing to go back to school AND having fun 🙂

Some things I want to share:

Week(s) Ahead – A list of things I want to do, try, see, eat, WHATEVER in the next week or weeks to come!

The Turning Point restaurant (Cherry Hill and Marlton)

I definitely want to check them out for Breakfast or lunch! (*Update, I DID!!)

Mmmmm Pancakes, waffles, french toast!

I decided to go with Lunch today. There was a 45 min wait for ONE person!  SO I ran over to Trader Joe’s, did my shopping and returned. They told me I was more than welcome to sit at the counter, which I decided to do!

I sat next to a woman that ordered HOT CHOCOLATE. It came out like this….



I ordered soup and a salad. Both were FABULOUS!  The waitress was very pleasant and she recommended the soup of the day, which was a cheesy, turkey potato chowder. It was amazing! So delicious! I would have it again for sure.


Next I had the chicken and feta salad. YUM YUM YUM. I absolutely love feta cheese. This salad totally hit the spot!


My waitress even gave me a TO GO cup for the rest of my coffee, WHICH I have to say was pretty fabulous! I just ordered the house blend, but it was so perfect and smooth!


I will be back for SURE!! The breakfast looks amazing!

Kiwi Crate

Tina and Chase dug into the kiwi crate on this icky, rainy, Sunday (Perfect day for this!)

Tina said the quality was GREAT and so much fun!! A great gift idea! I may just have to order one for myself 🙂

Mama and Me Journal

I REALLY want to do this with a few of my students! I would just change the name “Miss J and Me Journal”

I just think this is the cutest idea. PLUS it helps your student or child with writing, reading and many other things!  A win, WIN!

I resolve

10 Practical Ways to Pursue Creativity

to be more creative

I love these so much. So simple, so attainable!


Book 2 for 2015 under my belt!

I just finished reading “Dark Places” by Gillian Flynn last night. I do not want to say much because a friend is currently reading and I do not want to spoil anything.
I hope after I go back to work, I can continue with my reading kick!! I love spending my nights reading!!  Who Knew!!

Thanks Robin for re-introducing me to something I deeply love!

Are you on GOODREADS? If not, sign up! Keep track, set a challenge! Its fun! Plus you can read reccomendations and you can friend me so we can share/swap book chatter!

This is what happens when I try to read….



It really is NOT just about the food

It is hard. I thought I just had an eating disorder. I figured when I had that sorted out, things and life would be PERFECT. Boy was I wrong. FARRRRR from it.  I am discovering (Or uncovering) how I used my restriction of food to make me overlook all the other feelings I was having. I avoided so much for so long, that now it is painful at times, uncomfortable, scary, lonely, angry, and so many other things all wrapped up into ME trying to sort it out in a healthy way.  I have GREAT days and I have down days just like EVERYONE else, TOday was a DOWN day, I am not going to hide it , or pretend to be “Happy-go-lucky”. NO. This is how I felt……

I am beginning to feel a bit hopeless. I feel like I had my chance at love. I am finding it more difficult to to know (because I have standards!) find someone that is on the same “page” as me.  I feel like maybe my opportunity for LOVE has passed.

I’m at a point in my life where I had the Cinderella wedding, I enjoyed it, I got wrapped up in it….I am not bitter or angry or regretful.  I had that experience and I learned from it.

I just have never had the experience true unconditional love, and I worry that I won’t ever have someone love me the way I want.

I’m scared to get involved because I’m scared I will disappoint or bore or not follow through to their expectations or THEY won’t follow through to mine.   I have to get that out of my head and realize that someone out there who loves me for ME. Someone will respect me for the space I require.  Someone that will encourage me to grow and will grow with me.

I think the reason I am leaning against not having children is not because I don’t love them,enjoy them,or think I would be a good mother. My fear is that ((selfishly)) I would have a child with some sort of disability and I don’t know if I can handle that at this point in my life. I am already tired, burnt out and exhausted. Special ed is difficult I can not imagine working all day in the field (which I love) and then coming home to more challenges.  Sure once it happens I have NO doubt that I would be able to handle it but I don’t know if I want to take that risk.  I feel like now that since I’m older, have made some poor decisions in my past, my family history, that I would have a greater chance of having a child with a disability.  I’ve been touched by so many people and children with disabilities not to mention having a brother that grew up with autism and seeing how much of a struggle, battle and commitment it is, hurts.  Yes there’s also all the wonderful things that come along with it as well, and I would NEVER want to take anything or anyone in my life back, or wish they were any different.   I can love and no doubt I  would  love my child no matter what, I just don’t know if I have it in me to be everything to everyone.  I suppose in a way that is selfish but that’s how I feel at the moment I’m getting it out so I don’t have to keep it inside anymore

Maybe I’ll find Mr. right and we will decide together that we want children or maybe we won’t. I have no idea what the future will hold I just promised myself I will try to do the best matter what like pans out

Your turn

1. If you had your choice, what would you pick a) french toast b) pancakes c) waffles??

2.  Are you fighting to accept or admit something you dislike about yourself?


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