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Un-Manic Monday 1.05.15


Lets SEE how many times I write 2014 vs. 2015 today 🙂


Bitter Sweet.  I am excited to see my students again and hear all about their breaks, but I am NOT excited about giving up my nice little routine. Getting up whenever I feel, lounging in my pj’s until I feel ……shopping, cleaning, doing whatever, whenever I feel like it

Back to life and reality 😦




I received many calls and in person “chats” telling me how they can relate to my post about my fear of having a child.  It means so much to me. It is nice to be heard ❤


My first NO MAKEUP Monday was a success (I suppose) I did NOT send anyone running away screaming

I do not wear much make up to begin with (mascara, eyeliner and blush) however, I usually feel NAKED without it, or sickly looking. The make up is a little cover/security. I feel like it enhances my eyes, and brings some life to my face. Although I did not really think much about it today. My face felt fresh, I saved a few minutes in the morning getting ready. Pretty Un-Manic if I do say so myself!


It is dreadfully cold outside. It must have dropped even MORE since the morning, because when I ran out on my lunch break. BRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!! Phew. I really, really dislike the cold, frigid weather. So what is UN-Manic about this?

well, snuggle, cuddle, wear comfy layers at HOME, on the couch, with Lily while catching up on my reading! Yup UN-Manic!


Purple hair Obsession

Purple Hair Obsession! Call me crazy, but I want this color SO bad.

I think its pretty cool. Especially for this cold weather. I think it looks great in magazines, photos , etc. I have yet to see this in person. More power to you.  My thoughts? I like it, but not for me


I am in love with…….elbow patches!

Elbow Patch Cozy Round Neck Sweater


Snow day?

wishful thinking? Maybe.  Possible? Maybe.


Are you a mom, aunt, grandmother, friend of a 6 year old or older that wears a size 6x or 10??

If so, try this out!

2015 Model Search! (American Girl Fashions)


I really like this quote 🙂

you can do anything.


my ultimate chicken noodle soup

This Chicken Noodle Soup looks delicious! I can not wait to make it!


I installed a smoke detector/fire alarm on my own today

Yeah, I know, it is NOT a big deal, BUT I am still proud of myself ❤


Fun projects to do at home during this COLDDDDDDDDDD weather!  (Brrrr)

Cute project idea!  (Woven Circle Mat)

Knit an arm blanket (Love this, but can NOT find the yarn in stores anywhere. I will have to order it online)

and of course JOURNAL (Do it!! Feels great!! Plus you get to buy a cute little new Journal to write in !!)



Get rid of one thing MENTALLY and PHYSICALLY!

What can you get rid of in your house to help you de-clutter/refresh/renew for 2015?

(I went through my closet and got rid of a few items that I like but NEVER wear. I have not worn them in over a year. I will DONATE)

Mentally what can you let go of? 

(I am working towards letting go of anger towards myself and others)


Your Turn

1.  Favorite way to keep warm and cozy in the winter?

2. Are you on board with the purple hair obsession? Would you/will you do it?

3.  How did you start out the 2015 work week on a positive note?


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