Healthy Lifestyle

Wednesday wants 1.7.15

I want

To make this delicious DIY apron!

“Don’ut”you!??? Haha



I want

To keep these 5 items on hand for entertaining


I want

To check out some of these best apps of 2014


I want

To allow myself to rest. Without feeling guilt

Great tips!

I want

To remember to refer to these 25 food mix ups the next time I am cooking or baking!

I want

To say my breakthrough is surely coming. These three things prove it. Things have been tough. I’ve had moments of clarity. I’ve had a few crying spells. This means a breakthrough is coming!

I want

To say the faux fur trend kind of freaks me out. Not for me


I want

To remember these if I ever experience another break up

Your turn

1. What do I desire to START?
2. What do I desire to STOP?
3. What do I desire to CONTINUE?


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