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Weekend Update/Week Ahead

Brrrrr! Still freezing even with the slight warm up!  

I hope everyone had a nice, relaxing and WARM weekend!

It is so bitterly cold outside, it is perfect for catching up on ……………READING!

I am about 3/4 through the book “Room” by Emma Donahue. Wow. It is very good so far. It actually makes me so uncomfortable, irritable and anxious reading it, that I KNOW it was written incredibly well. It makes me feel very uneasy reading , yet I am intrigued and can not wait to see the final outcome.

When I am finished, I am going to follow up with some research about the story that goes along with this, because I am just ….speechless

What are YOU reading?

I am so thrilled that my mom finally finished What Alice Forgot and has started on Me Before You. Both were EXCELLENT EXCELLENT books!


Arm Knitting more like it 🙂

I finally picked up my supplies (yarn!) to start my arm knitting!! Wish me luck! I am going to try to follow an easy youtube DIY….ha


I had 2 coffee dates this weekend ! ❤

It is so much fun getting out there and meeting new people, learning about their interests, their personalities and their hobbies. I am enjoying it very much!!


I made my apple crumble yesterday and already ate two of them  (LOL) So I guess that means they were pretty delicious! Yum, I did not realize how much I love warm, baked, cinnamon-y apples! 🙂

The taste was

The Appearance/Presentation?

Eh, I will get there, at least it tasted Delicioso!! (As Dora would say, SORRY, the book I am reading, the little boy likes Dora)


That my mom and aunt got to spend the day together yesterday. This makes me so happy ❤


With the fact that I feel like I am constantly reassuring MYSELF and OTHERS that I am ok. Everyone (including myself) worries I will fall back into my old, eating disorder ways. I think what people (Myself included) Do not realize is that I am choosing to be healthy.

That means I will exercise, because exercise IS healthy and good for me mentally and physically.

What I won’t do? Abuse myself and my body. Force myself to wake up at 4:30 and run 7 miles in the morning. Think and obsess about the next time I can run. Beat myself up for NOT wanting to run, exercise , etc. T

I prefer walks with my dog. Occasional runs, the elliptical and my audiobook on a cold day at the gym, yoga

Yes. The most un-healhty part of me right now is beating myself up over NOT wanting or NOT exercising.That is my biggest struggle currently.  Some times I just do NOT feel like exercising.  I get down and depressed and allow it to ruin my day instead of taking advantage of it and doing other fun, interesting, exciting things!

I lied to myself for so many years that I LOVEDDDDDDD abusing my body. I was punishing myself. I do not need to punish myself.

YOU do not need to judge me. I am an adult. I am making healthy decisions. I am choosing what to eat, how to exercise and constantly battling with my own self if my decisions are RIGHT.  I am realizing there really is NO right or wrong. I am looking at it all  wrong. I will go about it by asking myself “Is this a healthy decision mentally and physically?”

If I choose to eat oatmeal with nuts and fruit and peanut butter for breakfast OVER a big, greasy, bagel melt? That is ok. That is a healthy choice. I am still getting in my carbs, my fats, my calories. I am putting GOOD things in my body. My body does not need un-healthy things (sometimes its ok, if I want something! I will have it) But for the most part. I know my repercussions. I know how icky I feel after eating food that is not whole, natural, delicious.  I feel like crap.

I want to feel GOOD!


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