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Un-Manic Monday 1/12/15


Golden Globes

I had a BLAST at my friends house watching the Golden Globes!

I really loved some of the COLORFUL dresses (Especially the BLUE and Yellow’s)

I hated the SAME, BORING repeats (ahem, J-Lo)

Here are my picks 🙂

My top 3 Favorites:

(Minus the snake necklace)

She just looked amazing

She was able to make a plunging neckline LOOK glamorous and classy, NOT trashy

LEAST Favorite:


Everything is just WRONG. Color, cut , style

Style Trends I really DISLIKED

Belts. Just not my style (and I love belts)

Snake Necklaces/jewelry

Naomi Watts Golden Globes

******This snake has 76 carats of Diamonds ! wow! Hisssssssssssssss!

I am TOTALLY over the plunging necklines….


New Students

I had a NEW student start today. I absolutely adore him!! He is sweet, smart, kind and will be so much fun to work with this year!!


This is WHAT Happens when a woman actually accepts a compliment from a man online

I may have to try this little experiment, how sad 😦



I have switched over!

Instead of my 2nd cup of coffee (OHHHHHHHH No worries, I still have my coffee the second I wake) that I usually get on my way to work, I have switched to TEA!!! Wow, I love it so much more!! I FEEL so much better. The coffee was a bit too much for me, gave me a high, then I hit the floor FAST!

BUT………Tea makes me pee (The only downside)



I had LOTS of it today ❤

I love days like this. They are amazing

Your Turn

1.  What celebrity would you LOVE to meet and what is ONE thing you would tell them about YOURSELF?

2.  Your thoughts on online dating? 

3.  How did you take care of your physical needs today? Emotional? (If you haven’t DO IT NOW!)


1 thought on “Un-Manic Monday 1/12/15”

  1. I am my own celebrity.
    I don’t date, although I should considering married people should date each other. We do date through texting.
    And I am recharging right now: loud music and dancing with my kids.

    Thanks for all you write!!!


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