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Ten for Tuesday

1. Room by Emma Donahue

Have you read this? If not. Do it. It really makes you appreciate how precious life is. All those little things and moments we take for granted. Just a warning, it is a difficult book to read. It is inspired by this heartbreaking  story   (The Josephf Fritzel case)

I gave it 5 stars!

2. Room inspired

There is a moment in the book when the mother (Ma) admits that while she was captive all she wanted was interaction with others. Now that she is free she is scared and unsure of why she feels she needs her space. She says her son is most times “enough” for her
I feel like this is because she had spent so many years taking care of someone else. Someone completely trusted relied on and needed her. Every waking moment. She felt suffocated. And rightfully so.

I can relate. For years I took care of others. I tried to fix them and solve their problems and make them happy! I thought maybe if I … Try a little harder… Am a little smarter…. Prettier….thinner….. They would be happy and things would be perfect

I never took care of me. So yes now I am older and have had a touch of my true self and I love it. I feel very stingy and selfish and do not ever want to loose that again. It is going to be difficult for me to let someone “in” and fully trust them because I have allowed myself to get hurt so any times in the past


3.  52 Places to go in 2015 (NYT)

Philadelphia made the cut!! ❤

A series of projects has transformed Philadelphia into a hive of outdoor urban activity. Dilworth Park, formerly a hideous slab of concrete adjoining City Hall, reopened this past autumn as a green, pedestrian-friendly public space with a winter ice-skating rink (and a cafe by the indefatigable chef Jose Garces). Public art installations, mini “parklets” and open-air beer gardens have become common sights. The Delaware River waterfront was reworked for summer 2014 with the Spruce Street Harbor Park (complete with hammocks, lanterns and floating bar) becoming a new fixture, following the renovation of the Race Street Pier, completed in 2011, and offers free yoga classes on a bi-level strip of high-design decking and grass. The city’s other river, the Schuylkill, has its own new boardwalk. To top it off, this spring, Philadelphia will get its first bike share program, making this mostly flat city even more friendly for those on two wheels. NELL MCSHANE WULFHART

Zimbabwe, WOW

4. Fish Flop

I went out last night to get a Betta fish for my awesome class!

We have THIS tank:

However, we STILL do not have a fish. The Betta looked…….bad.  More than half were……dead.  The ones that were still “kicking” seemed to be very lethargic….not sure if this is common.  I may go with goldfish instead….I am going to ask my boys today WHAT type of fish they would like. I feel a little classroom VOTE going on!


Male or Female?



5. Way to go Tiffany’s!

Tiffany’s is FIRST to feature a gay couple in an ad campaign!

6. 13 Rules I Live By To Maintain a Healthy Relationship With Food


with being at home and doing things at home. It used to drive me nuts NOT having anywhere to run off to. Lately I have really been enjoying my time at home. In fact, I often times find myself LOOKING forward to it. Cooking, chopping, cleaning, blogging, reading, snuggling with Lily ❤

8. Learning

I LOVE to learn new things. It really feels amazing to learn, research, follow up on new things that interest me….lately I have been very intrigued and interested in more research and findings about autism, and after reading “Room” I have been interested in reading up on criminal records and events that occurred dealing with captors. I wonder what goes on in their minds.


What do YOU enjoy learning about or researching?

9. So, so sad

I have been following this story and it just breaks my heart. I hope they get to the bottom of this soon and my heart goes out to the families and children involved 😦

10.  The final VOTE is in

My kiddo’s did an excellent job today voting on Male vs. Female and COLOR of our Betta fish!

The winner is……..

A blue, male, Betta fish ❤


 Your Turn

1.  How can you try to have MORE patience with children?
2.  Do you assume someone does something INTENTIONALLY to hurt you/upset you? Do you ever think that they really may NOT be trying to?

3.  What would YOU like to learn about or research more about? ANYTHING GOES!!!!


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