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Wednesday Wants 1.14.15

I want

The Autism Helper

to try this simple idea in my classroom to increase on-task behaviors! 🙂

I want

to share this wonderful game with you!

It is called Lids and Lizards and was introduced to me by the wonderful Speech and Language Therapist at my school ❤

My students absolutely LOVED this game, in fact, I loved it so much I am considering getting my own!

This is the PERFECT game to work on so many skills:  turn taking, patience, thinking, team work, speech and language, eye contact, etc, etc, etc

I want

to say that Monday and Tuesday were great, today was……exhausting. Mentally draining

I want

to try the salmon cakes I made. They sound gross, but I think they will be delicious !!

I want

to sleep in this weekend…….You know, till like 7!  🙂

I want

to introduce the NEWEST addition to our classroom….

meet Bruiser!!



I want

to know:

How often I need to change the betta fish water?

How much food I need to feed our betta?

If I am putting Bruisers life at risk by opening up the option for my students to take him home for the weekend………

I want

to travel more often.

I would like to visit more of the United States!  Texas, Chicago, Vegas, Arizona, San Diego….just to name a few places!

I want

to create my very own PERFECT bookshelf (thanks to Robin’s wonderful stack of books!)



I want

to mention I am a “tad” bit excited to visit the Goodwill shop this weekend 🙂


I want

to embrace and try the newest eye glass trend. I absolutely LOVE the dark/black frames!!  Maybe it is all the books I am reading that has inspired me???

how to look gorgeous in glassesFashion Editor Style - Clothes Insiders Love #refinery29 So chic! Oversized glasses make you look REALLY smart. :D Cute.10 ways to look gorgeous in glasses…

I want

to STRESS the importance of independence in relationships. The best relationships (both romantic and friendships) I know, each individual has their own independent likes/dislikes, hobbies, friends…….you should never rely on one person alone for everything.  You need to be your own individual self first

I have not had the opportunity to experience this in a romantic relationship, but friendships? Yes.  I love friends that can respect my need for time and space. I love friends that have tons of other friends. I love friends that have other hobbies and interests. I love friends that are different than I am. I love friends that can tell me how it is. I love friends that love themselves 🙂

I want

a home library like one of these, one day. Robin, I think you are close!  🙂 Haha

I want

to redo my laundry and kitchen on my OWN (one day)

I love this. I give Centsational GIrl so much credit for doing this reno on a budget!


laundry room before paint


laundry room makeover

Your Turn

1.  What do you want for yourself this week? Your family? Your Friends?

2.  What do you want FROM your friends this week? Family?

3.  Have you ever done a DIY home project? How did it go? What did you do?


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