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Sat/Sun Safes and Saves 1.18.15


10 Foods That Will Make You glow

I’m glad that I am already a fan of most!



Stein Mart!

Wow. I have not been here in ages! I stopped today and was pleasantly surprised Not bad!! They had some cute designer sweaters and some MK handbags. Tons, tons TONS of quilts if you are in the market! I will be adding this to my weekly/monthly “To Visit” list ūüôā


to say I had a GREAT, pain FREE run. It felt effortless today. It felt amazing. I have not ran in a few weeks and it just felt so good. I did not push myself, overexert, I enjoyed listening to my book and the scenery. The best part? My injured hamstring (that causes me problems STILL ,especially when sitting or driving) was pain free. I can not tell you how long it has been since I have felt a good “workout” without an ache or pain!


Can you accept me?

Accept Me, Or just go.



I have been battling this feeling for a long time. I felt something was wrong with me. That I need to change myself. That I needed to do normal things. Much of this deals with ….food. I have always felt broken after my eating disorder , which began at the age 16. I struggled for so long trying to do and eat how others do¬†or wanted me to. ¬†Fact is….I am my own person. I haven likes and dislikes. I eat healthy anda hve always ate healthy and most likely will. Not because I think it will keep me skinny. Or because¬†I want to avoid or eliminate certain foods. No. It is because I enjoy the foods I do. I enjoy the energy the good food choices give me. ¬†I enjoy the feeling of satisfaction and not bloat, stuffiness and discomfort. ¬† I will no longer be ashamed¬†of that.

I worry about my next relationship. That my partner will not care for my food choices or preferences. I immediately feel silly, foolish and wrong. However I am not. I will no longer change myself in any way for anyone. Like I previously have. “Oh you love football!? So do I!!! (Lie). “Your favorite food is pizza!? Me too! (Lie)” “you like to stay up late!? Me too”. No more lies ( in fact I like to get up super early. I have the¬†MOST¬†energy, spirit , motivation and fun¬†in the early part of the day. I like to get things done and have my nights to rest and relax. Make fun of me and my old lady ways all you want. I am who I am


Stop criticizing……..

I do it. You do it. We all do it. Judge. Criticize. Call it what you want. However I am aware of it now and realize when I want to judge or criticize it is because of my own securities.

I am trying to stay away from negative comments. If I would not say it to you. I will not say it to anyone.

I also will try not to be too critical when someone offers me advice or makes an observation about my behavior. I may not agree, but I owe it to someone to express themselves , then I can decide to add my own thoughts, or just let it go….Do to be surprised if I call you out (or myself) when things go¬†awry.


While at  my parents, they both CONSTANTLY criticize each other. I can not believe how negative and terrible this is. I want them both to be aware of their criticisms.  Keep it to yourself if things are NOT going to change. How many times do you ask for something that does NOT get done. You can NOT change anyone. If it bothers you that much, do it yourself and keep quiet!


Hunter boots. RED

I have never been a “red” person. I hate it on myself (love it on others) BUT I am so drawn to these red, hunter rain boots. I think they look absolutely adorable (and will keep my tootsies DRY)

I love these, however will NOT be forking out the $158 they cost. If I did, you would see me wearing these EVERY SINGLE DAY, dresses, shorts, tights, jeans… name it ūüôā

I will be searching for a great knock off pair!  



Save me, please!

Help me decide WHICH book to read next

I currently have these TWO sitting on my table. Neither looks appealing and is calling my name….I need adventure, suspense, mystery….



For my vegan loving friends. Must try this


Your Turn

1.  What is something NEGATIVE you constantly find yourself criticizing someone for? (You always leave the milk open, you never close the drawer, etc)

2.  Any weekend guilty splurges?

3.  How are you celebrating MLK day tomorrow?


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