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Ten For Tuesday (Home edition) 1.20.15

This week my Ten For Tuesday is going to focus on things I want for my house 🙂   I am in search of the perfect pieces for my home. I am researching before I purchase, so any recommendations would be greatly appreciated !

I want my home to be ME. I want to have practical, quality and useful things to help make my house my home ❤ I am so excited for my move, because I can really start from a fresh, clean plate and do things how I really want!

1.  Trash Can

Yup, I want a nice, new trash can.

2.  Hamper

Wildon Home ® Taylor Wooden Laundry Basket

Bedford Hamper Threshold™ Paper Rope Hamper - Dark Brown



3.  Spice Rack

I am so tired of knocking all of my spices over, forgetting what I have, trying to see what is hiding behind others. I love to cook , therefor my shelves and spices deserve some “spicing” up of their own.]

I kind of like the look and “feel” of bamboo lately…

NEW Kamenstein Criss Cross Bamboo 18 Jar Spice Rack FREE SHIPPING

Step up the style and convenience of a seasoning display with this elevated spice rack. Three neat levels make it easy to view labels and find just the right ingredient.

spice rack! Finally found what I've been looking for to organize my pantry shelves.

4.  Magnetic Knife rack

I saw this one today (just plain, metallic) but I worry it will rust.

I have had my eye on this one for quite some time now. I just hate having to order things online. I am so impatient, when I want something, I want to go out and touch it and BUY IT RIGHT HERE AND NOW!

Magnetic Knife Holder-knife rack, made from New Zealand Manuka 11

This one is sort of “beachy” it has the whole drift wood vibe to it 🙂


Ugh. So this is something I keep going back and forth with. I have a brand new flat screen that is absolutely BEAUTIFUL in MB.  At my house now, I have an old dino television…… works, but it does not matter, because I NEVER, EVER, EVER watch TV!  It does not go on.  Sooooo, what do I need a tv for then?
Well, I do like to entertain. It kind of sucks having people over and not really being able to turn on the TV.  I mean, I know I am pretty entertaining, but I guess I can even bore myself sometimes 🙂  A movie, or netflix would not hurt…..

If I do decide to go for the purchase, I want a flat screen that is SMART capable. I am all about simplicity. I want to be able to hook up Netflix wirelessly, without having to buy a blu ray, or dvd or any other gadget……Just hook me up (wireslessly!)

I would like this……..


but am more likely to get this one 🙂

32″ smart tv 

6. Kitchen Utensils and Holder

6-Piece Le Creuset Utensil Set in Marseille

Cooking and the kitchen seem to be my number 1 priority 🙂  It is a hobby, passion and love. So I want good quality, nice things. I love these Le Cruseut utensils!

7. Pot and Pan organization

Seriously. I HATE having my pots and pans and baking sheets a mess!! It drives me nuts! No matter how careful I am, it always ends up in disarray!

Pretty cool, but I would still like a way to store my pots so I don't have to bend down...

15 Beautifully Organized Kitchen Cabinets (And Tips We Learned From Each)

8. Tea Kettle

le creuset tea kettle, my vintage enamel tea pot has a crack in it, maybe I should look into getting one of these to replace it!

Once again, I ❤ Le Cruseut

9. Warm Cozy Blankets and quality sheets

Cable Knit & Luxe Faux Fur Stroller Blanket From Restoration Hardware Baby LOVE LOVE LOVEI am completely obsessed with this 28'' x 40'' Chunky Knit blanket throw or wrap by loopymango, Its the middle of summer and I want to wrap up in it with a book and a roaring fire! Here Comes Autumn!

Knitting pattern I love this Pattern, too. Want a Big Cream Blanket for My King Bed.

lessons in design :: how to make a luxury bed like the ones you find in European hotels #interiordesigntips #edecorating

10. and underground aquarium

What? A girl can dream, can’t she!?
31 Of The Coolest Things For Your House. But Only If You Win The Lottery.

an outdoor shower……gotta make sure to get all that sand off, right?!


a hidden bookshelf


for those “cooler” nights…


Im not that big of a wine drinker, but WHY THE HELL NOT


I would like to do this to my guest room



Next to the outdoor shower….


I can cook, YOU can swim


I love this cozy little reading nook!



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