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Thankful Thursday

I am thankful

For my friend that cleared off my car today for me at work (snow!). It was so kind of her and greatly appreciated

I am thankful

for my students because they make me smile and happy, when I need it most. I can always count on them to brighten my day, whether they realize it or not

I am thankful

For realizing that “skinny” and “fat” are just words. Not feelings

I am so tired of hearing people say “uhhhh I feel so fat!” “I want to feel skinny for just one day”

No. You don’t.

Skinny is NOT a feeling.

This is what skinny is:
Feeling cold all the time (mentally and physically)
Feeling hunger for food , people, affection, attention
Feeling empty physically and mentally
Feeling guilt for not exercising, or eating
Feeling “fat” NO matter how “skinny” you are. “ED” brings out the worst. What we see is not what you see
Not feeling much of anything because of a preoccupation of the “how long until the next time I can eat”
Worry. Did I eat too much? Did I make a bad choice? Did I do enough? Did I make others happy?
Feeling tired. Physical tiredness and mental . Thinking , obsessing , hating
Hating your body and your brain
Feeling like you will never be good enough for yourself or others
Feeling empty. In my stomach and in my heart
Feeling fake.

I am thankful I am NOT feeling “Skinny” because skinny is not a feeling. I feel pretty amazing, because I AM.


I am thankful
This diy travel journal idea. Weekend project! Can’t wait to start recording my travels! Now ….I need to start traveling. Lol

DIY Travel Journal

How I use my Travel Journals:

I separate my trip into days (Day 1, Day 2 etc) and give them a page. On those pages I mark down what I did, making sure to include details about restaurants, hotels, transport, and also all the favorite places I visited like neighborhoods, streets and parks.
I include tickets, maps and other flat items that will remind me of my trip, and also jog my memory for when I come back!
I include things I didn’t enjoy that much or would do differently ( that’s travel, isn’t it?).
I also use the journal as a place to store creative ideas I have while I’m away. you know what they say don’t you? You have your best ideas when you’re not thinking about it.
At the end of the trip I do a little review and make a note if I think I missed anything, because it’s not always possible to do everything is it?

I am thankful
For this beautiful cake. Wonder if lily would like this for her birthday party….:)


I am thankful

being heard.

It means SO much to me when I get a message, email, or text about something from my blog. It means I am being heard, something I felt like I was not accomplishing in the past. If YOU want to be heard, you have to have a voice

Your Turn

1.  3 things you are thankful for today?


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