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Saturday safes and saves


Spaghetti on toast
I had no idea this was a “thing” . It actually looks and sounds pretty damn good. I mean us Americans  dip our bread into pasta sauce so why not just put the pasta on top? This seems to be a British thing 🙂 I might have to check it out

THIS looks gross

but THIS looks good


American Sniper.  I saw this movie last night. Unbelievably, I did NOT cry. Although, each time I heard a shot fired I cringed. I could NEVER imagine having to be in that situation.  My anxiety was sky high.

I thought Bradley Cooper did an EXCELLENT job (not bad on the eyes either!)

I am a bit alarmed with myself that I did not feel more “deeply” about this movie.  Of course I felt sadness, terror, etc, I just suppose I expected something “different” with all the hype. I try not to get involved in politics and war much. I tend to avoid it. I hate conflict. I hate admitting that there is so much horror in our world.

I felt more sorrow and pain for him and his family. Chris decided (painfully) to choose his family over his career as a sniper. I can not imagine how difficult this must have been for him, and it is amazing to see how he was able to bring “himself” back.  It is a beautiful story ❤

To read more about the real Chris Kyle, go here. It is beautiful.


5 more reasons I LOVE traveling alone


It is pretty safe to say that I am getting sick of some of my food choices, YET I do not know what I necessarily want.  I love oatmeal, but it is getting old…….I eat it pretty much every day, I change it up, add different toppings, but some days i just feel like a “robot” when I eat. I feel like I am still lacking something……..desire, passion, want. I do NOT know what I want.  Some moments I do, and I love those little moments but for the most part, I still feel like I am “training myself” how to eat.  I have been able to identify WHEN I feel hungry, but I am still not quite able to put my finger on WHAT I am hungry for. I wonder if I start figuring out what I hunger for in food, if I will start figuring out what I “hunger” most in my life….

I feel like I need to use a scribed “I am hungry” for board, like I use with many students on the spectrum. It provides visual and verbal cues and suggestions……….ugh, will this ever go away!? (I am not serious about the visual cue board for myself, quite honestly I would use it if I thought it would help, but I do not)

English worksheet: what do you want to eat/drink?


I really, really , REALLY want to go to this presentation. I am so bummed that it is ALREADY sold out, however I have my fingers crossed that I will be chosen, since I signed up for the waiting list….

Who is Temple Grandin?

Born on August 29, 1947, in Boston, Massachusetts, Temple Grandin was diagnosed with autism as a child and went on to pursue work in psychology and animal science. She has become a leading advocate for autistic communities and has also written books and provided consultation on the humane treatment of animals. In 2010, HBO released an Emmy Award winning film on Grandin’s life.

An evening with Temple Grandin.

Durand is proud to be the first organization serving individuals with autism and other developmental disabilities in Southern New Jersey to welcome Temple Grandin, Ph.D., and her mother, Eustacia Cutler, to our area to speak about growing up successfully with autism and its impact on families, as well as offer hope for the future for children with autism and their families.

Dr. Grandin is a world-famous adult with autism, bestselling author, speaker, and designer of humane livestock treatment facilities and equipment. She was portrayed by actress Claire Danes in the Emmy award-winning HBO movie “Temple Grandin.”

Both Dr. Grandin and her mother, Eustacia Cutler-an autism advocate, speaker, writer, Harvard graduate, and writer of school lessons for major TV networks-will share their experiences with parents, educators, animal lovers, and the general public on Wednesday evening, April 22, 2015.

On this occasion, Durand will also present Dr. Grandin and Ms. Cutler with the first-time Dr. Durand Schulmann Award for Excellence in the field of autism. Dr. Durand Schulman was an autism advocate pioneer and founder of Durand who passed away in 2013.

To get on the waiting list, click here


I am quite pleased and happy to state that my assistant and I have unknowingly been doing ALL of these in the classroom. It makes me feel so happy that we are on the right page and doing something great for our students 🙂  I love these simple, yet so very important skills for ALL children to know.

 Most important skills taught under age 8.

  • Learning how to take turns.  This was taught with a board game.  When I got a little older, the whole family played cards. Lessons learned from turn taking in board games can be applied to taking turns doing activities as a family. When the family went to a movie, I had to take turns with my sister picking the movie.  Another example would be choosing a restaurant or a store to visit.
  • Saying please and thank you.
  • Shaking hands and greeting people.  It was demonstrated like teaching a person in a foreign country how to behave.  Mother and teachers demonstrated the correct distance, looking in the eye and the amount of  hand pressure.  I practiced my skills by being party hostess when my mother invited guests for dinner.
  • Shopping and learning the value of money. I got 50 cents a week to buy things I wanted such as comics, balsa wood toy airplanes, kites, and ice cream bars.  These were items that if I wanted them I had to buy them myself. I also had to do all the interactions with the store staff. Mom stayed away when I made my purchases. My favorite toy airplane cost 69 cents so I had to have two weeks of allowance to buy it. Comics were 10 cents and a kite and string was 20 cents.  Today these prices would be higher but I learned the value of money from my purchases. I also learned that I had to wait and save to get the 69 cent airplane.
  • My ability in art was always encouraged. My teachers and mother encouraged me to draw many different things.

Read more about Temple Grandins ideas on her website. I love it there is so much valuable information!

Here is a link to a list of ALL the books written by Grandin herself. I have quite a few of these saved on my GoodReads feed 🙂



the local little bookstores!

Haddonfields treasured Book Swap Cafe is closing its Haddonfield location. I am so bummed.  On a positive note the Medford location remains open AND a new Beach Haven location will be opening! 🙂

Also, the Collingswood Book Trader is also considering closing down its doors 😦 The lack of book sales is putting these adorable, quaint, amazing little gems out of business.

If you love books and to read, PLEASE try to go out of your way a bit and purchase some books from these adorable and informative little shops!!


Your Turn

1.  Did you see American Sniper? What were your thoughts?

2.  Weirdest thing you have eaten

3. Weekend plans? Snow day Monday? Yes or no?


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