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Drinking and alcohol

Why do people drink alcohol?

This is something that has crossed my mind several times. Personally I do not drink much or at all anymore. I do not miss it. I actually prefer it. I like being in control of my body And my mind. I like blushing about my accomplishments and prefer to face fears when I am most myself. Alcohol makes me feel tired and blah. It makes my tummy hurt and it makes me say silly things. Most of all it just makes me want to go to sleep. So I choose not to drink.

I am not trying to persuade anyone to join me, nor do I care if you drink daily, weekends only or on special occasions. I do not care what you drink or how much of it you drink.

What I do want to know if why YOU drink?


I did a little research, and although this is not accurate by any means, I think it gives a pretty good sampling of the reasons WHY people choose to drink. Do you fit into one of these categories?  Comment below if you care to share ! 🙂

Sociability (71%)
Like the taste (51%)
Feel at ease (12%)
Get intoxicated (6%)
Get drunk (2%)
Because everybody does it (6%)
To forget problems (0%)


Your Turn

1.  Why do you drink, or why do you not drink?



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