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Un manic Monday

Happy Un-Manic Monday! I expected to awake to a light coating of snow but………..NADA! Which I am ok with!  I do NOT want to drive to school in snow, let alone clear off my car, my poor, poor fingers!  Brrrrr

We have an early dismissal today and then the waiting game begins……….We will get the 12-24 inches as predicted!?  Gah!! Just in case, I plan to have plenty of books, food and coffee available, oh and my yoga mat! 🙂 I may attempt some headstands if we are snowed in…..


Clear that clutter! (((MOM!!!)
Tips on how to clear those counters!
Click here (((MOM!!!!))))

ps- NOTICE how clear and clutter free that table is?!


5 Tips for a great run


For my vegan followers.


Feel good book

The Power of Style. I finished this book in TWO days! I love “self help” style books, this was one of them, with a splash of style 🙂

My Review:

My friend gave me this book as a gift. This friend always gives the most perfect gifts. ❤

Once again she was on the spot! I breezed through this book in 2 days!

I loved that this book focuses on your style from the inside first before addressing how to best style your outside. So many wonderful activities to really help you determine what makes you unique internally and then helps you bring that out. I was already doing many of the things suggested in this book which made me feel wonderful. Style and fashion have always been intriguing to me yet I never really felt I had the knack. This book helps me realize that I do have a style and I have a pretty good sense of what I am doing. Who knew! Not me. That is for sure! Great read if you enjoy self help books and being the best you that you possibly can

Some of my favorite quotes from the book…..

Flutter around the room land on one boy for a little while then fly away again and seeing what else is out there and the guys worth it he’ll end up chasing after you

  • absolutely agree. Life’s too short to to settle for someone that just thinks you are ok……I want someone to think I am INCREDIBLE 🙂

If you go out there and take on some other persona to try to impress a guy you’re ultimately going to attract someone who isn’t after the real you

  • YUP! This has been me pretty much my entire life. Conforming to others ideal of “perfect”. My 30s have brought me so much clarity and a real sense of WHO I am and what I want in a relationship

When you don’t say what you want you don’t get what you want from life

  • Do not assume that people just KNOW of should know what you are thinking. You need to express yourself clearly. More likely than not , they have NO idea what you are thinking




Made my day

I had an open house today. When I returned home I had a little present waiting for me on my door step.  My friend “tagged” me with a random act of kindness, she really made my day week. It makes me feel so good and special knowing that someone was thinking about me and cares about me. It really is the little things in life. This was the BEST way to end my Sunday and get me in my Un-Manic Monday mood. ❤

  • IMG_4911


I really, really REALLY want to make a hidden door book shelf, like this!



I celebrated my HALF snow day by doing something productive.

I can home , and being inspired by a recent book I read, I cleaned out ALL of my drawers and closet. I arranged all my clothes by type (dresses, skirts, pants) AND by…..COLOR!  Wow!

I also, got rid of a lot more STUFF, that I know I do not like or KNOW I will not wear.  I tried to stick with MY COLORS (Beige, blues, browns, blacks, yellows) and got rid of things that washed me out or were not complementary to my skin tones.

Just seeing a clear, clean closet makes me feel CLEAR inside and out ❤


Your Turn

1.  If you had a snow day, what you YOU do to make your day as relaxing, productive, exciting as can be?

2.  What is one area in your house that you can de-clutter. How do you think this will make you feel?

3.  When you begin to think something NEGATIVE today (“Ugh, my life sucks, I have to drive 2 hours in the snow to get home”), think of a way you can make it POSITIVE. You are the one responsible for your own happiness!!


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