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Ten For Tuesday (and a giveaway for YOU!)

Good Morning my snowed in(or out) friends 🙂

FIRST, we heard all the hype and complaining “Ugh, snow….blah”, “Ugh the stores are so crowded, and sold out”….(((Add your own complaint HERE)

NEXT, we were LUCKY and fortunate NOT to receive the 24 anticipated inches. I AM THRILLED, I do not know about you!  Instead, what do we do? Turn to negativity, point fingers “THEY were WRONG!! OMG the newscasters were WRONG!!!!!”  Ok, so they were. BIG DEAL, get over it. You and I are wrong all the time too…….whether it was a gimmick to get people to panic, spread money, etc. WHO Cares!! Enjoy your day off (Or your lovely drive to work) and MOVE ON!!!! Lifes too short

((Hopping off my high horse now))))

1.  Giveaway!

I am feeling happy and generous today!! I am giving away a FREE, autographed copy of Square Cat ABC!  Teachers, parents, if YOU would like a chance to WIN, write in the comments section below HOW you plan to use the Square Cat ABC book. I will select a random reader 🙂


2.  DIY Kool Aid Play Dough

Picture of DIY Kool-Aid Play Dough

I have been wanting to make this play dough for quite some time now. This morning. I did 🙂  At first, I was a bit nervous that I had just created a big old sticky MESS.   Turns out, it was sticky and messy, but THIS play doh just required a little (ok, a LOT) more kneading than my previous attempts (I made DIY Gingerbread play dough and lemon scented)

I let it sit for a bit, and when I returned, it was just perfect 🙂

Today I made Fruit Punch scented play dough, my next attempt will be blueberry or something BLUE, since my boys favorite color is……………BLUE! (They will be so excited)  I can not wait for them to try this one out!

3. In the works….

2 blog posts I am currently working on and super excited to share with YOU

  • Charleston, SC, Top things to do, see, and eat
  • Top Date spots in Philly

Stay tuned ❤

4.  Are you ready for love?

15 signs You are Ready To Meet the Love of Your Life


I am so proud of how far I have come in the past year ❤

5. Overnight Oats

A NEW recipe!! I want to try this:

Orange Overnight Oats

6. Lily

after her early morning snow romp 🙂


7. Clutter


This lovely snow day, a lightbulb went off…..

“I will go to my moms and help her declutter ONE room”

I was so proud of my closet success yesterday and I KNEW the only way she would do it, is if I pretty much…….forced her

So I did what any other crazy loving daughter would do……..I arrived with some Wawa coffee AND a big, trash bag

I knew it was going to be TOUGH for my mom to let go of things… one point she was yelling at me with her “MOM” voice (Yup, you know, THAT one, the scary one, which I have not heard since I was a frightened child, crap, in all honesty, she scared me SOOOO much I was about to stop…….., but I figured I could take her if thats what it came down to 🙂  )

It was actually WONDERFUL to hear her yell and scream like that. I feel like she has not done that in SO long. She was finally heard, then it was time to hear me…..

After some arguing, pleading, (((Lying))), this is what we got rid of, from ONE room



I know many people will be warm and cozy this winter now, because of my mom. You did something wonderful and good. You got rid of things in your life that you no longer needed AND helped others at the same time.  Gratitude ❤

Surprisingly THIS wreath, was very difficult for my mom to part with. I am not quite sure why.  It has been sitting in her office for YEARS collecting dust. When I grabbed it, she immediately assured me she was “Saving” it for my aunt…….Thankful for camera’s and cell phones, I took a shot and text my aunt….”Aunt Irene, do you want this?”


Aunt Irene’s response “Nope, its not terrible, but just a dust collector.”

EXACTLY. Do not keep things in your life that serve you no purpose!

8. Fabulous and Favorite new recipe:)

This Chicken carbonara!

Yum, asparagus, chicken and bacon!! Droooooooooool.  This dish was absolutely delicious! I made a few substitutes (omitted the vermouth, and used almond milk), but it was one of the best dishes I have made. I quite proud of myself !!

Reader Recipe Spotlight!!

My cousin JUST informed me that she made this easy “Stuffing Meatloaf” recipe andddddddddddddd both of her two little guys AND her big guy (Tony) ate this up!! She quoted saying “It’s definitely a “mans” meal”.  This looks easy, pleasing and perfect for cold, wintry nights!

ps- You could easily hide some nutritious veggies in there too, trick those kiddo’s (and those husbands!)


9.  Kindle ?

If you have a kindle and use it often, did you know about this website?  Its called Pixel Of Ink. If you sign up they send you daily specials. Most are FREE!!!

10. For the classroom (or home!)

I think this is just the cutest idea ever! I am surrounded by boys. My students, my nephews, my friends children, boys everywhere, so when I see something like this, I get excited (although girls would LOVE this just as much!)

Your Turn

1.  How are you spending your snow day?!


3 thoughts on “Ten For Tuesday (and a giveaway for YOU!)”

  1. Hi. Right now I would use this book with the kids I tutor. Hopefully someday I will have a classroom to put it to good use (along with all the other kids books I have collected!)

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