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Friday. Faves


Congratulations to the Square Cat ABC book:


please email me with your “snail mail” address and I will ship it out ASAP!



Here are a few of my favorite things……..<3

1.  For Robin and Denise.

Oreo shots


2.  I absolutely love this for a little girls room (or my own!)


3.  Tips to maintain inner peace at work

I can vouch for many of these. I live being an early riser. I enjoy my breakfast, paper and coffee before work 🙂

4. Happy Valentines Day! ❤ this!



recycled paper bag heart for those Valentines Day cards!

A recycled paper bag heart purse made with a lot of love


5. Whole Foods BYOB cooking classes (FREE)


6:00 PM – 7:00 PM

Bring a bottle of your favorite wine or beer, and join our Cooking Coach Leanne in the cafe’ every Thursday as she shows us cooking made easy with delightful winter-time recipes!


6.  Kids Yoga

Yoga all around! My schools’ gym teacher just approached me today with a LOVELY yoga book and some ideas of how to incorporate yoga for students AND teachers! What a wonderful idea!! It can help children destress from testing/school work AND help teachers de-stress from all the duties that go along with our days!

I am so excited to take my little buddy to a Kids Yoga class this Saturday! ❤


7. Flat White

at Starbucks

I must try !

8. Chicken and asparagus and bacon OH MY! 🙂

nom nom nom

Asparagus and Chicken Carbonara Recipe

9.  Best date night in a LONG time ❤

Thanks Robin for a fabulous “date”.  I felt comfortable with you. It was great to de-stress and “complain” a bit. Get it all out so we can have a fabulous weekend!!

Next time….




10.  So Sad

Some days it just HITS me. BAM, smack in the face. Some of my students (and yours!) have NO idea what certain things or experiences are, because they have never had them 😦

It makes me realize how incredible and amazing my childhood was.  It also makes me so sad that many of my students need to see pictures of things in order to even KNOW what I am explaining or talking about. Simple things.  Like a museum.  My students had NO idea what one was 😦 And it breaks my heart that we do not do school trips

11. FREE!

Kids books online (over 100 titles!!)

12.  Personal qualities

NOT measured by tests ❤

 Your Turn

1.  One thing from YOUR childhood that children today probably have NO clue about?

2.  Weekend plans?

3.  Do you ever feel “threatened”by anyone? Which types of situations?


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