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Thankful Thursday 2.5.15

Every time I feel angry, bitter, or upset, I try to think about all the things I have to be THANKFUL for.  I think its very easy to focus on the negative things in life. Its harder but MUCH more rewarding to focus on the positive.
So what are you thankful for THIS Thursday?



Thank you Lindsay ❤  I always love our talks. I told you and will tell you AGAIN. I think you are so knowledgeable and smart and I think you have a great way of sorting through thoughts. You make me feel heard ❤


FOR:  Classic Cake and Kidsville News.

Heres our Science Link ❤

Wow.  I am impressed. I had a little “girls night out” on Wednesday evening with my little love, Lily (not the furry one)


Classic Cake and Kidsville News sponsored a really NEAT event.  They hosted a PJ party and book reading, with a special guest ❤

We all wore our pj’s (ok, so I was the only adult in PJs but they were all jealous!)



had cupcakes, cookies, ice cream.


The KIDS are crowding the cupcakes….


We looked at the beautiful CAKES and cookies



The gellato (which later a few kids requested, during an ice cream story read aloud)

The special guest was Fox 29s news anchor Lauren Johnson. What a fun night!


Bedtime stories. Cupcakes. PJ’s. LIFE IS GOOD




“L” holding one of her favorite books (Pinkalicious)


We were ANGRY that we had to leave!



that I am able to think more “clearly”. I had such an amazing day with my students. There was less pressure and stress on ME, that I was actually able to focus on them and their needs.  We had FUN and learned! ❤

We read a story about Pizza,

I felt the students NEEDED a movement break after taking turns reading, SOOOOOO we played “Thats Amore” and threw up “pizzas” in the air and danced around (The pizzas were scarves!)

They and I loved this so much, and guess what, the structured movement break = BETTER reading after!!

Win! Win!


that tomorrow is…..F-R-I-D-A-Y

My sleep has been awful this week. I am hoping to get back to some regularity this weekend ❤


that Trader Joe’s is ON MY WAY HOME!

Wooooooooooo. I am so thankful that it is right on the way! I can swing by, grab my staples and be BACk on the road in no time!  (Plus they always have some free coffee samples brewing perfect for my 4 pm fix!)



that I am beginning to TRUST myself and respect myself. I used to always seek approval from others. Now I am learning that my opinion matters and counts!

3 signs your need for approval is sabotaging your love life


For Pink and Black!  ❤ this outfit idea!


for not BEATING myself up over NOT exercising pretty much all week because I was busy and had better OTHER things to do!  It’s ok! I did some other pretty amazing things ❤


for chocolate, strawberries and greek yogurt!

I mix these ALL up for a pretty incredible treat ❤



for my mom

She just is an inspiration and someone I look up to in MORE ways than she knows. She is the MOST selfless person that I know.



That I am single for Valentine’s Day!  I can spoil myself ❤

I think all of us single’s should get together for dinner or something!

WHO IS IN!?!?!?!



for conversation hearts.

Not the taste, but the color and FUN of them. I love doing crafts, projects and activities with them

Fun Valentine's Day classroom activity - Conversation Heart Bingo!  #printables #kidsvalentines #valentinesday This is a fun set of FREE Valentine's Day learning activities that go along with candy hearts! Preschoolers will practice colors, counting, patterns and letteScience Experiments Kids Can Do : []Dinner Conversation Hearts Game - Family Talk Time during Februaryvday ideas conversation-sortWriting with Conversation Hearts. SOOO cute! Saving this for next year!This site just saved my class from a day of boring...we've got a ton to do now!




for flowers to CHEER me up


Changed my mind again...pick your dress to have any color you see here except for brown. These colors make me happy.

One of the prettiest ideas I've ever seen on Pinterest! Love how it mixes the #industrial and #organic styles! Definitely making these this spring!


for being a role model for a special little girl.

We have a special connection, and I think we both NEED each other, right now ❤


1 thought on “Thankful Thursday 2.5.15”

  1. Great blog. Such nice pictures of the kids at Classic Cake and Kidsville News. Looks like all had a lot of fun and tasting the delicious sweets. So nice of you to give your time to a special young lady who will benefit greatly from this experience.


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