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Fabulous facial (rave!)


About a year ago I was in desperate need of a deep cleaning facial. A students’ mother (and masseuse) recommended a woman that soon became my own personal “Star”. Not to mention after each experience I truly felt like a star myself. Glowing on the inside AND out!

I have been going to Star at Hand and Stone in Marlton for about a year now. I knew she was fabulous after my first visit, but I did not realize how great she really was until I had something to compare it to. What’s that saying?

I recently posted About a not so relaxing (or effective) facial I had as a result of a bad groupon deal gone wrong… about it here


As bad as it was, it made me realize how wonderful, special and attentive Star is. I will never stray again. Ever. Not only does she know your skin and offer some insightful hints, tips amd products but she is not pushy. This is so important to me. There is nothing worse than constantly being hassled to upgrade, buy products, etc.

Star is so gentle and pleasant and non threatening. I feel safe and comfortable on her table (which is perfectly heated for my always cold reptile like body). star has the softest hands I have ever felt. I often wonder how ? Someone that constantly works with her hands and relies on them HOW can it be. But it is


I also love that she does extractions the old fashioned way….by hand.  Its much more thorough and cleansing!

If you want a 50 minute mini getaway with a fresh,  healthy glow, go see Star!!!




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