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This or that (Healthy Garden)

I absolutely love Healthy Garden located on Main Street in Moorestown, NJ. It’s never crowded, quick service and delicious (and healthy) food!


I have been here by myself, with my mom for lunch and dinner, with my mom AND dad, on a date, with friends….

I want to (and will be) more daring, but for the most part I enjoy sticking to their salads because ……the are pretty damn fantastic!


There are many great items it choose from on the extensive menu , but I will tell you my This!! vs. that?? choice:


They are always huge, fresh and filling. They are overly excited to accommodate, eliminate, or substitute anything you would like. I do not think a request has ever been turned down or looked upon with a side eye glare.

I can vouch for the following:
garden Beauty Salad (with grilled turkey burger and Swiss)
Greek salad (minus the grren olives. They were not a hit for me)
Farm chicken chop ( I personally have not had but my friend did and it looked incredible)
Balsamic grilled chicken salad (minus the red onions unless you don’t mind being stinky all evening)




Grilled Tilapia Fillet platter


Yuck. Just yuck. I love fish. Flounder and tilapia bit this was just bland and awful. It just did nothing for me (besides make me feel a bit queasy). The side of sweet potato (sprinkled with cinnamon and brown sugar) did make up for it. Luckily it was the size of a small child so it was pretty filling 🙂
Also it came with organic brown rice and some veggies. I really disliked and avoided at all cost the large slices of avocado on my plate. I love guacamole and avocados…..but on my terms. Not in large slices.


YUCKY huge avocado slices!


I am dying to try those crepes. Sweet vs savory for me for sure (banana strawberry and Nutella looks like it a,y be my choice!)


I just had to add this picture, because I absolutely love it. I think it is so beautiful!! I wish I could take food pics like this!  People are creative and have a natural “eye”.  I am working on it!










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