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Ten For Tuesday (Why I journal and why YOU should too!)

 Journal-ing DOES help.



I have started a new routine of journal-ing either in the morning when I wake up, or right before bed. Good old fashioned pen and notebook kind of journaling. Wow. It really is so theraputic and helpful! It feels great to get it all OUT and clear my head.

I love to write. I love to review things. However, if I can not remember the experience, what use is it? I love having a notebook handy.  I have one on my nightstand for before I go to bed, or when I wake, I have a notebook for school/work, so I can jot down things to are on my mind, or that I see.  I also keep a notebook in my purse, in case I am out to a fabulous restaurant, or an idea pops up while I am at the store…….YOU NEVER KNOW!

  Break it down.

I always break things down for my students and recently have starting breaking things down for MYSELF. It is so helpful, here is how I stay focused and GET IT DONE 🙂

 Here are my top ten ways to get it done this Tuesday

1)  set one personal goal and one work goal and STICK to it, complete it.  Just ONE!

  • ex:  Personal goal – listen to my book during “down time” like driving, cooking, cleaning, etc. Work goal- create a writing plan for my students for the month of March.

2)  Write it down! Somewhere, anywhere!  Some people prefer their iPad or iPhone, others (like me!) prefer to good old pen and paper approach. Regardless , download the latest app, or buy yourself a cute new notebook and WRITE IT DOWN!

3)  Force yourself to only think about that one thought. Put all of your energy and focus into completing it.

  • every time my mind begins to wander, I force myself to go back to my original goal.

3)  do not allow your mind to wander, panic or create anxiety over OTHER things you can or should be doing.

  • bring yourself back each time your mind wanders. reassure yourself of the satisfaction you will feel when one thing is thoroughly complete!

4)  Redirect

It is easy to redirect yourself. Hopefully the more you do it, the more natural it will become (these are my hopes anyway!)

5) Take a break.  Stand up, walk around, get a drink, have a snack. Do something for YOURSELF. Refresh your mind and body, then go back to what you are working on.

6)  remember. IT WILL GET DONE.

  • It is OK if it takes longer than expected. That is life. Remember you have the power to do anything and complete anything, no matter how long it takes.

7)  Keep it simple. This is my go to motto lately. Simple is better. really, trust me!

  • I have finally learned that it is OK to accept help. It is OK for things to be easy. It is OK for things to be enjoyable!

8)  Allow yourself to feel great when you complete something fully and successfully! Live it up! Relinquish it! soak it up!

  • ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh 🙂

9)  Let it go. You did it. You finished! You feel great. Now, let it go.  You deserve to stop thinking about your success. Give your brain (and self) a break!

10)  prepare for tomorrow.  Remind yourself that today was a success because you kept it simple. Tomorrow can and WILL be the same ❤


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