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Wednesday Wants 2.11.15

I really WANT to say what a fabulous, fantastic and eye opening experience the past week has been for me.  This is work related, but SO much more.  I am so fortunate to have a student teacher………wow. I totally GET why this is SUCH an amazing opportunity for you, the student teacher AND the students. Everyone benefits.

My situation is a bit different, but none the less , it is turning out to be a pretty amazing experience.  WHY?


For the students……

THEY are getting so much! They are getting the attention of two caring teachers, they are getting exposure to two creative minds, they are getting new ideas, new aspects, new methods. They are getting patience. They are getting life experiences. They are getting an experience of a life time.

For the student teacher..…..

she has the opportunity to try new things out! She has the power and control to GET through to the students. She has the chance to allow her students to REACH her. She has the opportunity to ask for help or advice when she feels lost. She has the opportunity to feel safe and confident.

For ME…………

wow. Well where do I begin.   First of all, teaching is a passion. It is my love. It is also a lot of work.  This experience has made me realize JUST how much work.  It also has made me realize how constraining and ineffective our education system is.  We all have to work really hard to make it the best possible experience for our students. Its difficult when we have outside influences that hinder our personal goals for student growth.  As a teacher, you easily burn out, loose patience and loose that “fire” that you once had.  Its easy to loose that when you are consumed with paper work, rules, new tests, new systems, new evaluation systems. It is difficult to balance work, school, the students, life skills, academics, the big picture, behavior, etc, etc, etc.  It is HARD.

This experience has let me let go a bit and allow someone else to hold the reigns while I sit back and actually ENJOY my students. I get to SEE them in action. I get to see what works for them and what does not. I get to see what their strengths are, and where their weaknesses lie. I get to see what makes them happy and smile. I get to see what makes them sad and anxious.

I often times miss these amazing opportunities because I am consumed with testing, learning new programs, dealing with behaviors, making sure I accomplished all goals for the day, ensuring my students got what I anticipated out of the day/lesson, personal expectations, planning, revising, reflecting……

It is nice to give my brain a break.  I feel like a boulder has been lifted from my shoulders. I think my students see and feel it too ❤



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