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The Story Of …………Me <3

Happy Valentines Day everyone!  I thought I would do something a little different and special THIS Valentine’s day.

Get ready for a true Love Story. A story that took 37 years to build and grow. Here is

The Story Of Me ❤

Driving in the car one day, listening to my audio book, it struck me. I had NO clue about HOW my parents met. Sure I knew little bits and pieces, but I had no true idea of how their little love story began, unfolded and grew. Resulting in ………Me.

I asked my parents if they were up for a few questions. Mom was excited, dad was……..meh.  I asked the where they’d feel most comfortable. They picked the couch downstairs. They sat on the same couch and when I asked my dad “Why did you sit there” He said “Because its Valentine’s Day”

HOW ROMANTIC (((((eye roll)))))

We were off to a shaky start. My father is very impatient, so I did not see this going quite as I had so perfectly planned in my head.

I began by asking my father to recall the first time he met my mother. He responded by saying “In a car, I picked her up”.  Ok, maybe I needed to be a BIT clearer. I wanted to know his initial thoughts when he saw her for the first time….Ok, now we are getting somewhere.

My dad


“I was dating her friend Zita, she introduced me to your mom.  We were going out on a double date, actually there was 5 of us in all. We went out to a club and dancing, it was an after hours club so we did not leave until close to 4 am (wow, go crazy kids you!!)  We were driving home and Zita, told me to take your mom home FIRST so that her and I could have some time together, but I told her NO, I was going to take HER home first, and I did”. He dropped his date off first, then the 2 other guys that were with him and my mom and him decided to …….GO OUT FOR BREAKFAST!  🙂  How sweet!  Almost as sweet as the pancakes and sausage my mom recalls ordering (dad could not remember what he had ordered)  After breakfast, they went to the park and walked around.

My parents NYE


I asked my dad what his initial thoughts were when he saw my mother that evening. He said “She is MINE”  He described her as “beautiful and really really nice, nice personality”.  My father said he was dating Zita off an on and dating other girls as well (well, a real cassa nova, huh!?)

 He said he had NO interest or desire in getting married. He always thought he would remain single…….until that day, that moment. He KNEW he had finally met the girl he was going to marry.  8 months later, he did 🙂 My mother was supposed to be on a date with another man (Pictured below) however she said that my dad was the “Cutest and best looking guy in the entire place”. So obviously the had other intentions. Neither of them dealing with Zita or my “Could have been daddy”

That is the guy that “Could have been” my daddy


When I asked my mother her side, surprisingly she recalls pretty much of the same. They surprisingly agree on the events of that night. I say surprisingly, because after 37 years of marriage, they LOVE to argue and prove each other wrong…..just an observance on my part ❤

I am a bit shocked by all of this because my dad does NOT seem like the type to remember this sort of stuff, according to mom he nailed it 🙂

I asked if either one of them felt “guilty” for liking each other when my father was dating my moms friend, and my mom was friends with “Z”.  My mom said initially she felt a little guilt, and she admits that my father did as well, although he denies it.  My mother said that “Z” really liked my father and she recalls numerous stories of this “mystery man”.  Who knew that fate had other plans for Zita.

I sensed there was some slight guilt or embarrassment on both their parts, with the admittance that dad would hide from “Z” on numerous occasions. I think he was a bit scared…….She was NOT happy

If I can’t have you NOBODY will

I understand being hurt, but I do not understand chasing after someone that CLEARLY is not interested in you. Do you really want to date someone under false presumptions like that? It would not be a choice of mine.

Things faded among-st the friends. New friends (some life long ones) were made after that.

My mother and father were BOTH born in Poland. I always thought they initially met and spoke to each other in Polish. I was wrong.  They said they only spoke to each other in English at first.  Wow.  My mom recalls his thick accent, which I can imagine is pretty much the same as it is today.  She thought to herself “Oh my god, what am I thinking.”

 After that night, things began to get pretty serious, pretty fast.  My father called my moms house to ask for another date. He was greeted by my grandmother, in which he gracefully asked a few questions like “Does she have a boyfriend, is she dating, etc” Babcia (my grandmom) told him that Yes she was dating here and there but nothing serious.  I can see the SMILE on dads face now 🙂

He asked Babcia if it would be ok to take my mother out again (this conversation was in Polish)  She agreed. Which I thought was very nice, but wasnt that my mothers decision?? haha

Their 2nd date was set.  They went to a Seafood and Clam bar, afterwards they went to club Roxy, as my father recalls. They both said it was very nice and enjoyable. I did not press for details, because they still ARE my parents…..ewww


So as things progressed, I was interested in what my mother and fathers perspective was on the Other’s family.  My father said that he really liked my mother’s family right from the beginning. He recalls my grandfather was a “real talker”. They would talk and discuss the news, politics, etc.  He also recalls playing card games with my Uncle John and he thoroughly recalls everything being wonderful AS LONG as my uncle won…..if he didn’t there would be endless tears (Thank you Uncle John for passing this quality on to me! )  Do I sense a sore looser?

The cry baby my uncle is on the left 🙂

Most of my father’s family was still in Poland. His father had passed, so the only person my mother got to meet was his mother.  She recalls her first impression of her as “Being very nice, but she had dark circles under her eyes…..she reminded me of that animal, what is it, the one with the circles? OH, a raccoon. Yes she reminded me of a raccoon”

Ok, so my father thought my mothers family was really nice and my mother thought his looked like raccoon’s. Glad we are all clear ❤

Mom and Babcia ❤


My mother thought that her future mother in law was NOT too crazy of their relationship. She believes that she tried to tell my father to go back with “Z”. Although my father denies this. I guess at the time, my grandmother was very traditional and old school. My father did not love “Z”. He was in love with my mom. I give them BOTH so much credit for staying true to themselves and not giving up on what they both wanted…..each other ❤

Mom and Dads wedding day ❤


First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes……Matthew and Diana in a baby carriage.


Matthew was born first. My dad describes my mom looking so beautiful while pregnant. He said he loves a pregnant woman because “I know there is life inside her”.  They were both ESTACTIC when they found out they were pregnant! They both went to the first doctors appointment together. My mother had sadly encountered a miscarriage earlier, so I am sure it was a bit scary for her this time. I asked if their relationship changed at all after Matthew was born. My dad says “No we were so happy”. My mom disagrees. She admits to being a little stressed, sleep deprived and a bit chaotic. They both recall how difficult Matthew was as a baby. He would scream and cry and carry on. At times they did not know how to comfort him.  They had no clue that 9 months later Matthew would be diagnosed with autism. The doctors really had no real knowledge, advice or reassurance for them.  He did advise them that Matthew would probably just be “a little slow, but would still have a family, finish school, etc”.  Just shows you how much things have progressed in the world of special ed, but I digress….

After Matthew there was me 🙂  A family of four. A crazy, loving family of four.


I asked them both to recall a favorite  trip together. My dad chose Poland. He recalled how fun it was to travel together, explore, meet each others families (many for the first time) and to just be together. He recalls me wearing a little white dress and dancing with him at a wedding we attended…..I recall falling off a wagon and getting cuts all over my belly, but of course I would remember that 🙂  (Don’t worry, I was ok, nothing a little “powder” couldn’t solve)




My mothers was the Bahamas……..Hey, wait a minute…..the kids were left at HOME for the Bahamas trip….Ahhhh, I see 🙂

Bahamas (minus the kids)


I wanted to see how WELL they knew each other. So I began with something simple:

“Dad, what is moms favorite color?”

Hmmmm, he says, I think red.  BINGO! He is correct!

“Mom, what is dad’s favorite color?”
I would say blue, since that is what I buy him most of (how perfect of an answer, because my mother WOULD know my fathers favorite color better than him! )

I asked what each  others favorite meals were, they were both SPOT on. My dad answered with “Pasta” and mom answered with “Meat and potatoes” . 2 points each!

After 37 years, I knew there were some things they LOVED about each other, and…………things that irked the crap out of them.  Lets start off sweet.  My mom says she loves what a hard worker my father was and still is. She also thinks he is a wonderful gardener. My fathers response……”SEX…..”

Ok, errr, awkward…..

“Ok, dad, something ELSE, besides that”

He admits that she has a good heart and she is a great cook.  (My face is a little less red now)

As far as those irky qualities?  My father says that my mother constantly repeats the same things, over and over again.

My father says that my mother constantly repeats the same things, over and over again.

My father says that my mother constantly repeats the same things, over and over again.

My father says that my mother constantly repeats the same things, over and over again.

My father says that my mother constantly repeats the same things, over and over again.

My father says that my mother constantly repeats the same things, over and over again.

My father says that my mother constantly repeats the same things, over and over again.

My father says that my mother constantly repeats the same things, over and over again.

My mother says that her biggest gripe with my father is that he SMOKES IN THE HOUSE. Ugh, yuck, gross!

I am a bit shocked, because I could have sworn it would be his smelly feet?!

I ended by asking them WHAT they feel is the most important thing to a lasting marriage and relationship. They both say

I agree. Completely.

Without trust you have nothing. Sure, you argue, have pet peeves, act childish, but if you have trust

You have EVERYTHING in the world

There you have it. The story of me ❤

Mom and Dad’s Engagement party 



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