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Knitting and a little bit of Germany

Yesterday I learned two things:

1. How to arm knit
2. That I want to go to Germany and eat real German cheesecake

I have been wanting to learn how to arm knit for what seems like ages now. So, being happily single and reservation free for Valentines Day,  I had a date with Ulka! She was absolutely fabulous. Michael’s offers a variety of arts and crafts classes and it just so happens Arm Knitting was on schedule THIS Valentines Day.

I have been wanting to make something special for my mom because I know she likes things like this, AND it makes me feel GOOD to be able to make something. Its much more meaningful and personal than buying something.

My mom loves red, So I decided to go with a pretty, soft red Bernat Yarn Mega Bulky yarn. I bought two balls (they are currently on sale buy one get one 50% off!!)

I tried to DIY and spent numerous hours on youtube trying to “teach” myself , but THIS teach needs hands on! That is how I learn best

Heres the link to the online YouTube instructional video, that I attempted, but got “tied up” 🙂  Maybe YOU will have better luck.  (P.S. I love this girls hair and voice!! <3)

Ulka gave me a one on one class , and I’m thrilled because I…….needed the attention. I’ll be honest I bound myself pretty well at one point I started to have a panic attack that I would not be able to free myself. It’s basically like tying up your own wrists……with the end result of a lovely scarf

I DID go to see Fifty Shades Of Grey on Sunday………perhaps this gave me inspiration?? 🙂

Ulka was so patient with me. It took me several attempts to get it. It finally clicked and almost became natural to me.

And here is the final product ❤



So that left time for asking some questions. We ended up talking about Germany where Ulka was from.

She shared stories of growing up there, special customs and foods, and I even told her a lot of the similar polish ways and dishes. We both agreed European food (and chocolate) is so much better that our food.

I asked her what her specialty is and she named several (goulash included) and then remembered her winning golden ticket. German cheesecake. She described it and it made my mouth water. She informed me it is very different from our traditional cheesecakes , and has much more of a cake like consistency , unlike ours that is almost pure cheese. Germans use a special cheese called quark. It is very difficult to get here in the states so she rarely makes it for this reason. The quark makes it. She said there are substitutes but nothing quite like it. On occasion she has come across it at specialty German deli’s in Philly (quite like the polish ones I am familiar with), but even that is rare. I asked if she tried Whole Foods and Wegmans, She assured me they did not have it.

:(. So sad

So I had to do my research. I investigated the recipes and now am dying to try this. I will be on the search for quark!

Some pictures of the fabulous looking German Cheesecake



(The one Ulka described had a Cherry topping, REAL cherry NOT our imitation candied can stuff)







All this thinking about cheese cake made me remember an old favorite of mine. I believe my moms friend, Tenka, introduced it to us.  I recall on parties and family get togethers opening the fridge and seeing THIS


oh my, my mouth began to water. It looks gross, sure. Its looks “ghetto”, but I assure it, it is pretty fabulous

Jello on top of cheesecake. YUM, something about the textures and the combination, it just “gels” (lololol)



Oh, and the crust!! The sweet graham cracker crust!

In my search for cheesecake I came across this pretty photo and just wanted to share, because it just makes me happy and smile. I know, ‘Cheesy” right?  🙂


Your Turn

1.  Have you ever really “interviewed” someone? Its fun! What did you lea






2 thoughts on “Knitting and a little bit of Germany”

  1. The cheesecake looks delicious. I hope you can find this cheese so we can make it and enjoy. My beautiful red scarf is just super and warm. I cannot wait to wear it, the weather is perfect now for this beauty. You always make my day dearest daughter.


  2. I’ve never heard of arm-knitting before, but that looks awesome, and it’s such a sweet gift! ❤

    I'm convinced that I need German cheesecake in my life now too. *-*


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