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Thankful Thursday

Can you keep a secret?

After work I stopped by my cousins to work on a “secret” project with the girls.




I asked “L” if she knew the importance of keeping a secret. We even practiced various scenarios to see if she would “break” and spill the beans (this included promises of jelly jeans and cash).

She did not break. She stood her ground :).

Secrets are tough. We all have them. Most times it feels good to tell someone else. It elimates much of the guilt and shame that may (or may not?) come from your secret. For me, personally, it always feels amazing it get this off my chest. I like being an open book. I enjoy being honest with others because it forces me to be honest with myself. Something I was never really good at. I get this is not for everyone though. I respect that.

It was always easier to just “run”. It was easier to take on “others” problems, try to solve their problems. It was easier to feel strong and powerful and special by not eating and/or over exercising.

Honesty is tough. Secrets are tougher

When someone asks you to keep a secret, do you follow though with their wish? I am trying to make the best decisions. When someone asks for my silence I will try to give them their wish because that is showing respect. Unless the “secret” is causing harm to themselves or others (use your judgement). If the person is important to you, it is important to keep their secret. They are confiding in you. Maybe you will have the opportunity to encourage them to tell more people. There is never anything wrong with how you feel because……that’s just who you are. Accept it and others will follow

When you spill someone else’s secret you are losing their trust as well as showing that you are not ready to face your own shame. You would rather discuss and gossip about someone else and their problems than deal with your own

In the end all that matters is that you are good to yourself. In order to be good to yourself you will also need to be good towards others.

Life is hard. We worry so much about being judged so let’s just stop judging others AND ourselves.

Are you ready to share one of your secrets with the world? What about just one other person? What about just yourself? Write it down. It feels good!
Can YOU keep a secret?

NOT a secret, BUT look what came in the mail today! MY planner! Weeeeeeee I ❤ it!



Seriously, Steve…..First the girl scout cookies, NOW this! You are just too sweet.  I dropped off a few books to a friend and LOOK what he came out with , for me. He is so thoughtful!! Chocolate and 5 hour energy. This will most definitely help with the long road trip! ❤



3 thoughts on “Thankful Thursday”

  1. Secrets are funny sometimes – especially from an adult to adult perspective. I think they are important in the fact that it proves that someone can trust you and vice versa, but in general, keeping secrets could present an avenue of problems depending on the type. Innocent ones, fine, like a surprise for a gift, but overall, if you look back at secrets in the life instances, in one way or another there was some kind of hurt/negativity involved. Whether it is for the person who was holding the secret, or the person who found out that it wasn’t kept. I am not one for secrets, unless of course, it is for a part of some sort. For adults and even tweens into adults, it brings acceptance into an avenue of gossip potentially or fear. Not a fan of secrets – always bothered me, but that is just me. Being felt to keep a secret may be an unwanted pressure as well. If someone is asking you to keep a secret, you can’t really say no now can you…so to me, I just don’t like them.


    1. And I agree to me I think secrets are silly but like you mention if someone asks you to keep the sacred really have no choice or else there trust me it is selfish to ask anyone to keep it for you?


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