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Un-Manic Monday 2.23.15

My Monday was pretty Manic, so its time to unwind and make it UN-Manic 🙂

First, WHY was it manic?

Well for starters. It was Monday.  Any time there is a transition (from week to weekend, weekend to week…) I tend to have an “off day” So my Monday’s and Friday’s are typically OFF. I just tend to have a lot of anxiety. I anticipate everything I need, want, must, would like to do….I need to take a STEP back, unwind and make it Un-Manic

Un-Manic:  Some of my favorite Oscar picks!

(I admit I did NOT watch, I was exhausted and fell asleep pretty early BUT I did browse the pictures online )

Anna Kendrick

I love everything about this….the color, the flow y style, the easy. Very pretty and very feminine! 

<p> 	2015 Oscars Red Carpet</p>

Dakota Johnson (50 Shades of RED!)

Zoe Saldana

Un-Manic :  “Love is in the…………cabinet?”

My friend, Beata, has the fortune of being able to see HEARTS and ❤ everywhere. I think its because of her own big heart. So when I opened up my cabinet and saw this, I just had to take a shot. My chipped china 🙂


Un-Manic :  “Yum-lette”

Holy moly this omelette was fabulous!! Great little diner, everything looked amazing (The table next to me ordered French Toast, it smelled incredible, the vanilla scent quickly made its way over to my table….droooooollllll




Un-Manic:  Dirty Dancing @ The Kimmel Center

Weeeeeeeeee just a little bit excited for this one. I MUST see this!!! Dirty Dancing was an all time favorite. I think I know all the lines “I carried a watermelon”, “Nobody puts baby in the corner”….

Un-Manic:  Chocolate and Orange….oh my

So this has been something I have been recently craving. Not quite sure how I will accomodate that craving.  The two things I compare the “taste” to are:

1)  This polish candy. The chocolate. The Orange. The YUM. Polish (and European) chocolate is so different AND the orange is a unique orange. Not like the fruity, fake, sugary stuff we have here

This is like an orange gelatin covered in dark chocolate…

"Jutrzenka", Mella, Galaretka, Jelly in Chocolate, Chocolate-Coated Orange Jelly, 6.7oz/197g, Product of Poland

2. Starbucks Chocolate Orange Frappucino (I had this last summer and it is incredible!)

Here are a few recipes I may try :

Chocolate Clemintine Baked Oatmeal

Chocolate Orange Smoothie

Hazelnut Chocolate Orange Milkshake


1.  What was your favorite Oscar pick?

2.  Do you take “signs” seriously? Do you think there is a hidden message?

3.  Do you have a favored “flavored” combination you have been craving lately?


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