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Ten For Tuesday 03.03.15


Snow. Ice. Rain. Sleet. ENOUGH!

I am seriously over it! I love the white fluffy stuff, but THIS is just ridiculous.  Its just a messy, dangerous mess! No more please mother nature. Please bring the spring weather. Sunshine and hapiness!




I have been raised to always offer things to my guests and always have things on hand. I know most of us do this as well, and if not, thats fine too! It makes no difference to me. I will not judge either way


I do have to say, be mindful.

It is annoying, as a guest, to get hounded into trying things. You can OFFER to tell your guests what you have available, and then leave it up to them whether they want to try it or not. I understand you are proud, want their opinions, etc, but just don’t pressure.

It puts me in an uncomfortable spot. It is NOT my eating disorder. I may just not WANT something, or have no desire for it. That does NOT mean I have an eating disorder. All it means is that I will choose to eat what I want, when I want. Nothing personal!

You do NOT have to be the…….



Tim Tam Taste Test!

So I brought in a box of Tim-Tams that I received from Buzz agent 🙂  I placed it in the teachers lounge at my school and asked the staff to rate the Tim Tams on the following:

1.  Overall Taste

2.  Have you ever heard of Tim-Tams?

3.  Will/would you buy Tim-Tams again?


Here are the results! (Thank you to all that participated!)

IT was fun!

Tim-Tam’s Taste Test (RESULTS)

The average rating on TASTE was a 3 (1 = yuck 5= delicious)

10 out of 11 people had NEVER EVER heard of Tim-Tams (I have not either!)

7 out of 11 WOULD buy them again!  The ones that would not, said they were too SWEET for their taste (or that dark chocolate would make it better)


So overall, it seems like you SHOULD run out and get these and try them for yourself 🙂

Let me know what YOU think!



My Thank-you of the day:

Dear Denise,

I want to thank you so much for so many things. First, for reaching out to me when you saw I was struggling. It meant the world to me knowing that someone “cares”.  Although we do not talk every day, I know that you would ALWAYS be there for me, no matter what (And I want you to know that I would be there for YOU as well!)

Second, I have to say you are the MOST reliable, consistent and dependent person I know.  You always try your best to stick to a commitment if you make it. You have no idea how much I respect that. I think it is so important and one of the things I am trying to take from you and make my own.  You are a busy lady and I do not know how you do it. You make a commitment and always follow through. You are reliable and trustworthy and that is such an amazing quality, its part of what makes you so special ❤   No matter what , if you say you’ll show, you show.  Whether it be for 5 minutes or 5 hours, you are present.  I love your balance of life and friendships. It is something I am so grateful and thankful for learning from you ❤

Thank you for being “YOU”


Me ❤


Think Positive

My god, the weekend was just awful for me. I was a miserable, bitter, ‘ol lady. Miss Cranky Pants


I need to start looking at the positives instead of always turning them into something NEGATIVE (Which I am famous for)

For example, if a certain person annoys or irritates me, I need to focus on what GOOD quality they possess!  Duh! Simple as that. Sure they will still irritate or annoy me, just like I sure I irritate and annoy others, BUT at least I can put a positive spin on it 🙂




National Flags made out of food 

I thought this was really cool!!


My family and I were HERE!

Plitvice Lake, Croatia


I was definitely a child of the 80s!

Were you?!


Nom nom nom nom…..

Chocolate Peanut butter tart

One Pan Creole Shrimp

(this brings back memories of New Orleans MOM! 🙂 )

 Sweet Potato Bacon Biscuits



Baby Sprinkle re-cap!


Tina did a fabulous job on the decorating!! Loved this cute little idea!! Can I wear the tutu?!?  🙂


Diaper cupcakes! 🙂  


Absolutely breathtaking (and HUGE) cake from L&M in Riverside! 


The kids came out of hiding as SOON as this beauty arrived….


“You do it, NO! You do it first, go ahead stick your finger in…….”


Would you like some CAKE with that frosting?!  Did he even sleep that night!??  🙂


Awwww man, that was GOOD! Im ready for a nap!



2 thoughts on “Ten For Tuesday 03.03.15”

  1. I adore your blog. I look forward to reading it every evening. I love peeking into things that interest you and make you the wonderful person you are. Never stop writing.


  2. Loved the baby sprinkle! I think Carla and Mike were very happy. Fun little surprises, casual,but good food and atmosphere! Great job Mom!


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