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Wednesday Wants 3.04.15

I want

to read the new Jojo Moyes book that comes out in September!

I read “Me Before You”

and now I just learned her NEWEST book is out…..“Me After You”

'After You' by Jojo Moyes

Gahhhhhhhh, can not wait to see what life is like for ‘darling Louisa Clark!

PLUS, the movie Me Before You is due to hit theaters next year, 2016!

I want

this snow storm to be a FLUKE

I have had enough

I want

to feel happy, content and productive even WHEN I do not intentionally “work out”

I hate feeling like a failure for NOT wanting to do something I really do NOT want or enjoy doing…..

I want

to KICK something. Really hard

For the frustrations my student had to go through today with our new state testing 😦

I want

to go to the Philadelphia Flower Show

Philadelphia Flower Show

It is Disney themed. My secret love and passion is Disney! I want to see Cinderella’s glass slipper. Fantasia.  I want to feel like a KID again ❤

Ticket prices are actually not too bad!  You can get 2 tickets for $55. Thats a pretty good deal!

Here are the TOP reasons why YOU should go too!

Philadelphia Flower Show

I want

to take beautiful pictures AT the flower show

I want

I want

To help you make your kids smarter!
I really love and agree with all of these!

I want

To try yoga….on a paddle board. This summer!

I want

To Thank:

Dear Mr. A,

Thank you so much for caring and being there for me when I was new and having a tough time at school

He was a substitute teacher. Young, well spoken, well dressed, handsome. I was in 3rd grade. I had huge glasses, acne and lots of “frenimes” ( you know the ones that were nice when they wanted something then stabbed you in the back and made fun of you a moment later)

He lived across the street from my parents. He noticed me. Not in an inappropriate way. Just noticed me. That I was lonely, scared, ashamed. He walked with me to and from school. The kids thought I was so special because I got to walk with Mr. A. And he was “cool”. Of course they teased me for having a crush on him (I probably did!)

He was there for me when others weren’t. He was years older and wiser and “cooler” and has no idea how much those walks and talks meant to me

Thank you Mr. A!


PS- I would love to find “Mr. A” and thank him for this, but have NO clue where to look!

I want

to stop making things I love chores and tasks for myself. I want to be able to CONTINUE to enjoy them instead of abusing them and making it one more thing I “Have” to do.

I just want to enjoy things ❤

I want

to say I am proud of myself for NOT letting things get to me that are OUT of my control. I am beginning to let them go. For example, complaints about students. Yes. I understand. However I can only the do the BEST I can, be there for them, support them.  That is all YOU can do also.  Just be there and do YOUR best. Do not try to reinvent the wheel!


I want

to finish reading my book today

The Girl On the Train By Paula Hawkins

Wow. I am so into this book. I can barely put it down. I am pretty much passing out in front of it. I have been up until midnight reading! So unlike me! ❤  It is totally MY type of book. Yes, it is very similar to “Gone Girl”

Its suspenseful.  Its creepy, its a thriller ❤

*Dreamworks has snapped up movie rights! Yay!


I want

to say how proud I am of my students writing.

They have come SO far. They are creative, imaginative and really going out of their comfort zones. Yesterday, I finished up a little writing project, in honor of Dr. Seuss and “Oh the Places You’ll Go”. I can NOT wait to post pictures of their finished writing and crafts!  ❤



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