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Sunny Sunday & Flower Show 3.08.15

Happy Sunny Sunday!

Yay!! The weather is finally getting out of the teens!! Its time for SHORTS (Hahah)

I am super excited for two things:

1.  LONGER DAYS!! (Thank you daylights savings!)

2.  Warmer weather

This means more walks, walks and talks with friends, and happiness ❤

I need to start my blog with my THANK YOU

Yesterday I woke up in a damper. Soon enough my amazing friend sent me a text. We ended up chatting for about an hour and she helped me IMMENSELY!  So I want to dedicate my Thanks to her today


Dear Lindsay, 

We met FIRST online. I gave you a few recommendations for your move to the area!! I already knew you were a sweet heart and would turn out to be a life long friend. We finally met the first day of school, at our teacher orientation. We were both anxious, excited, nervous. We experienced so many of the SAME feelings!

You were WARM, easy to talk to and get along with. We clicked from the start!  Whenever I am in your presence I am happy, at ease, comfortable.  

We coordinated, planned, joined our classrooms together. Provided amazing experiences for ourselves AND our students. Worked our butts off. You were always there for me when I was stressed, or unsure.  We later found out we had much more in common. We were both going through similar experiences. You NEVER made me feel weird, or like something was wrong with me.  You always listened, even while you had your OWN issues ongoing. When I say you listened, you REALLY did. You provided your open ears and your big heart.  You provided solutions and you PUT me in my place (gently) several times over the years we have known each other.

You have a certain air and respect to you. You get me. You understand my needs for space, you never push or judge. You are just there NO MATTER what.  

Your most amazing quality is that you HELP me come up with solutions. You don’t tell me what you do, you help me decide what is BEST for me ❤

You don’t push me to do things you know I don’t enjoy. You don’t hold things against me that are uncomfortable for me. You are an amazing and beautiful person and friend, inside and out (with the most fabulous hair!!)

Thank you for always being there for me. Good times, sad times, bad times, silly times. You have made my experiences in school and in my personal life so much more meaningful. You have been helping me become ME. I hope you realize the strength an

You are probably one of the ONLY people, beside my family, that really know ME.  This is so hard for me to do. Its hard to let people in and trust them. You have mine and always will.

Thank you for being YOU !!!!


Philadelphia Flower Show 2015

Price:  $32

Parking:  $18

I met a friend for lunch in the city, and after decided to trek over to the 2015 Flower Show. I really did not have high hopes. I have been before and heard from many that it was nothing special this year…….BUT

It was DISNEY themed! How could I NOT go! 🙂


This was the entrance


There were some really beautiful displays, however it seemed for like ART than flowers for the most part


HANGING orchids!! How beautiful!


Cinderella’s glass slipper on a bed of flowers


Some elaborate table settings (Yes! Those are MICE on the table!!)


Pretty tea party




I kinda loved this one most!


Of course Frozen had to have its role………..beautiful stair  case


I loved the beach theme!






this was STUNNING! My next wedding?!  🙂


Not ONE but TWO beer/wine gardens. Lots of drunk gardeners walking around

Happy Sunday! Don’t forget to set your clocks forward!
SPRING forward

FALL back!


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