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Ten For Tuesday March 10 2015

1. This breathtaking faerie table setting…..I would love to have a simple wedding setting like this. So intimate and gorgeous


2. Light. Airy. Sophisticated. Classy. This is ALL of those things


3. “Cheese less” cheesecake. Yup. That’s right. It’s made from……..cashews! I made it as the perfect ending to a family meal I made for my parents on Sunday. I loved it and more surprisingly so did they! They empty jars proved it! I can not even argue that they ate it out if sympathy not to offend my cooking skills :). Nope. Empty jars. Going. Going. GONE


Recipe here

4. Daylight “slaving” time

Ugh. Don’t get me wrong. I am loving the warmer MUCH linger days (weeeeeeeeee) but, I have always thought of myself as a morning person. I never had problems getting up. Yes. I am that annoying girl that wakes up happy and chipper…..well. Dst is killing me. There is not enough coffee in the world to make me not fall asleep on my drive to work (don’t worry I won’t). I just want to snuggle in bed a few more hours. It also takes a few more hours to feel human and functioning. Around 11 am I am coming to.

On the topic of feeling good….allergies! Gah. Another thing not helping. Here is mindbodygreens natural tips to help your asthma and allergies. I am willing to try anything!

1. Check vitamin D levels.

There’s been a recent outpouring of data supporting the use of vitamin D for allergies and asthma in children. The optimal range remains controversial, but if your child is deficient (like mine was) — then 1000 to 2000 IU (for kids 5 and up) is the best dosing for immunomodulation.

Note: make that if you’re testing your or your child’s levels, the test should be for 25-hydroxyvitamin D, also called vitamin D3.
2. Eat at least 1 to 2 servings of fresh green vegetables a day.
Although very difficult to study, researchers have found benefits of high fruit and vegetable diet in children with allergies and asthma. If you already incorporate a lot of fresh vegetables daily, great. However, I find fruit easy to incorporate and green vegetables much more difficult. My “tricks” so far have been to add baby spinach to breakfast smoothies and a side with dinner.
3. Drink an Ayurvedic tonic daily.

The combination of ginger, lemon and some grated turmeric is a great herbal tonic for children suffering from allergies and asthma. This tea is perfect for kids because it’s warm and mild enough in flavor for children to tolerate. Just add 3 to 5 gratings of fresh ginger, juice of half a lemon, honey or sweetener of choice, and 3 gratings of turmeric (or 1 teaspoon of dry turmeric).
Ginger is an anti-inflammatory that has compounds such as 6-gingerol, 8-gingerol and 6-shogaol, which work really well on these conditions, especially in conjunction with inhalers. Turmeric has been researched for its potential to treat cancer, allergies, autoimmune disease because its active ingredient, curcumin, is very good at modulating the immune system.
4. Hold the gluten.

Although every child is different, if you’re looking for natural ways to decrease any inflammation like allergies and asthma, I would stop for at least two weeks. Then reintroduce it in small amounts.
5. Shower after going outside, or in the evening.
Showering after being outdoors helps wash off the pollens and pollution of the day. I recommend combining this with humidification from a cold mist humidifier. These are two extremely simple, but overlooked, practices that have the potential to improve children’s allergies and asthma.
6. Add probiotic foods.

While probiotic foods are best, if you do use a supplement, make sure it’s a high-quality one, which are usually found in the refrigerated section. New data on the microbiome in children and the progression to allergies and asthma support the idea that children need MORE bacteria in their lives not less.

I’m convinced that the key to boosting our children’s immune systems is through increasing good bacteria. Though probiotics aren’t a perfect solution, we just don’t have any many good ways to increase the good gut bacteria. A good diet, playing in dirt and eating probiotic foods go a long way toward maintaining a healthy microbiome.
7. Practice Buteyko breathing.
This is a breathing technique that can help alleviate asthma or allergies. There are many online video, such as this one, that explain the technique for nasal or breathing symptoms.
8. Sleep.

This is of utmost importance for cell repair and immune function. If your child is not getting the recommended amount of sleep for his or her age, increase sleep by 20 minutes a day and stop when you reach the optimal amount.
9. Consider allergy desensitization.

There are many different ways to desensitize, but if your child is 5 or older, allergen desensitization or allergy shots are a good option.
In kids, it’s been shown to be effective and safe. Allergy shots usually contain allergens that are specially prepared, purified and standardized versions of the ones in the air you breathe each day. Local honey, sublingual desensitization (allergy drops) and other forms of desensitization are other alternative options.
Most importantly, I want to stress that these natural techniques should be combined with the minimum effective dose of medications needed to control your child’s symptoms. There is NO proven way to control an acute attack of allergies or asthma without using life-saving Western medications. As you know, asthma and allergic attacks can be severe and need immediate and aggressive emergency treatment in the ER.
You should have your children tested and evaluated by a board-certified allergy specialist, and have them take the minimum medications required to make them well. Then, work on these natural techniques to eventually wean them down.

5. Spring. Time for change

Ahhh. Yes. Spring time. There’s a certIn lightness to it. Maybe it’s the warmer wwather, longer days, anticipation of summer. It’s time for a Personal change…!

I am looking for a new , lighter cut and style.








6. Friends

Making and keeping friends as a child is HARD

Making and keeping friends as an adult is hARDER

Here’s a great read How To Make Friends as an Adult


Next year I would live to take two trips. My mom and I have dreams of both and we ARE going to make it happen. One is close. One is far

Ten Things to do in Paris

ten things to do in Charleston

8. Currently craving

Tasty cake boston creme eclair pie


Shamrock shake


9. March reading challenge!

Chase the rainbow!

I saw this reading challenge idea and thought it would be fun! Read one book for each color of the rainbow based on the book covers colors!!

I’m in! Are you?


10. Trigger (I use the word “fat”, I discuss negative feelings of eating disorders. Read no further if these are triggers for you. This is my word vomit of the day)

I asked myself what some things in fear are….being alone,losing people I care about, failing and…….getting FAT

I realize how ridiculous this is. In fact I hate that word so much. I do not judge others on their appearance , in fact I admire it no matter what size, yet I can’t allow myself to be ok with and accept me for me.

I’ll be honest. I associate “fat” with lazy. I see it in black or white. “Diana will either be fat or skinny”. In the big picture it does not matter. I have more important things to worry about , things that actually will make me live a happy fulfilled life filled with joy and pleasure…..yet I want to focus on the stupidity of being “fat and lazy”. It’s all or nothing and I am trying so hard to change that. Just because I do not like the gym does NOT mean I will become unhealthy. I am still active in many other ways and actually enjoy them. I enjoy and love healthy foods. I have a passion for cooking healthy delicious meals. I do not drink or smoke and try to avoid chemicals. Why can’t that be enough? I should be damn proud if those things. Yet I continue to beat myself up for not doing more. Not walking more, running more, doing more yoga, trying to convince myself to like the gym…..

Life is short and precious. I want and need to focus in a healthy lifestyle that is balanced, which I think I am pretty close to. I need to stop stressing about the number if minutes I spend exercising or planning perfectly balanced meals. It’s ok to be two pants sizes bigger in winter when I may not feel like moving around as much. That does not make me fat or lazy. It just makes me human. To want to be happy and enjoy life is human. Beating yourself up over not being perfect enough is just the opposite

I’m going to choose to be ….human!



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