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Un-Manic Monday 03.09.15

Happy Un-Manic/Un-Snowy Monday!

“It’s m-e-l-t-i-n-g!!!”

Hopefully the kids will get to get outside a bit and burn off some of that winter, cooped up energy. I think that would make it Un-manic for all…..teachers, parents AND students!


I finished TWO books over the weekend! Here are my review/recaps


Death Will Extend Your Vacation

This was an oops books. I downloaded it in error. I stuck with it. It would be a cute summer beach read. I didn’t hate it but also didn’t love it. I never got the feeling of “oh my god I can’t put it down”. Not even close. The voices were both hilarious and annoying. It sounded like an Italian jersey boy or mafia leader,  reading it. The female voices were especially funny. Especially Jeanette, with her lisp.

It’s a quick read. Murder, mystery and humor all mixed into one.

Breaking Free

This was a young adult read for sure. It starts out with a group of teens on a trek to save them selves from……themselves. They all having varying issues (a cutter, bulimic, alcoholic, Anger issues) and their families send them out in the wilderness to see if they can break free from their addictions

Pretty quickly a friendship and love story binds two campers together. They help each other immensely by just accepting each other

I really liked this aspect because this is what I am searching for as well. People to accept me for me. Not to mention a “sweet as cupcakes and candy canes” love story, it definitively seemed very fairytale-ish and written through the eyes of a teen. I had a hard time believing it because they were only 17. I felt they knew too much about sex and had too much experience to know what they want…..but I guess I was 17 once too. It was a sweet and innocent love that grew into something much stronger. I too hope to find this type of love one day therefore I can’t give this book too bad of a review. 🙂


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