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Wednesday wants

I really want

To stop feeling selfish for not having children, or even knowing if I want them.



I really want

To accept that the reason someone may not text or call me back is something OTHER than my looks… fact I’m certain realistically it is something else , yet I tell myself it is “must be bc I am unattractive”


I really want

Have more cravings. Some days I feel like I eat on schedule. I don’t really crave anything in particular. I need to enjoy and give in to those times I do have cravings. My body wants and needs me to!


I really want

To follow through with my personal goal of not speaking about others or judging others when it is something other than facts. This is hard. It’s easier to pick others apart than it is to confront our own fears


I really want

My toes to feel the sand and warm ocean!


I really want

An uninterrupted nights sleep

Lately I just can’t get proper rest


I really want

To stop letting things annoy me so much. I just want to be happy and appreciative of each day and the wonderful things I have


I really want

More patience

It seems to be running thin these days. I am doing a really great job at remaining cool calm and collected but …..I just need more to get me through!


I really want

To stop letting others get me down
I need to stay positive!


I really want

To accept that I am not lazy. I deserve to rest. I do not have to be productive all the time.



I really want

to re-read the Babysitters Club serious!

I really want

to start focusing on my accomplishments, rather than my shortcomings


I really want

to say how much I enjoyed my “walk and talk” with my mom yesterday. perfect weather, perfect pace and perfect conversation. It baffles me how much MORE I learn about her each day ❤IMG_4494

I really want

to admit I am beginning to really enjoy my quiet evenings at home, doing whatever I please (mostly reading, blogging, etc)


I really want

to find a more challenging HIKING group in the area. It seems the groups are either TOO easy or TOO long (15 plus miles)  I just want a more challenging , faster paced hike

I really want

my father to experience the NEW stadium seating at the Amc Marlton 8 theater!! I think he would be shocked, and comfortable!


I really want

to start enjoying the things I like more, instead of making them “tasks” or personal challenges. I just want to be happy.

I really want

to be happy

I really want

to date more, get to know people

Its fun getting to know people and their personalities! I’m not ready for a “relationship” but friendships, YES 🙂

I really want

to say how much I dislike dating websites. They suck, sorry. I have a difficult time connecting with people as is, and find it even harder and more difficult to connect with “pictures”.  It seems that every single person I have met, is completely different from what I perceive, both physical appearance and personality, which is FINE, but just eye opening how off I can be

I really want

to stop feeling badly about myself for choosing to be single and childless. I AM enjoying it, and feel ashamed that I am




2 thoughts on “Wednesday wants”

  1. Never feel badly for what u choose for yourself. Always remember that u can always change your mind. It takes two people to make a commitment to raise a family. Be happy with the choices u make because that is what u want for that period of your life. Be good to yourself and things will happen. Be happy at all times life is too short to dwell on negatives.


  2. I agree Aunt Chris. Your choices in the moment are just that..choices in the moment. Tomorrow is a new day and a day to live to its fullest. Life is short to dwell. Be whoever you are in the moment. Nobody cares about who is the prettiest, most successful, most knowledgable, etc. life is too short to compare, dwell or find something wrong. We have one life. Let’s live it as pure and innocent as we thought of ourselves as children. Just do it with your big boy pants on! It is only you who judges yourself and once you set that free it is the most liberating feeling! Live each moment no matter how minute. Hey I appreciate sitting on a toilet right now without anyone interrupting me. It’s all about those little things.

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