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Saturday Safes 03.14.15

Did everyone survive Friday the 13th?? 🙂

Mine was pretty uneventful (thankfully!)

Although it is rainy, I am so thankful it is the WEEKEND!

Some Safe Bets

1.  Harvest Seasonal Grill –

to open at the Moorestown Mall!  This restaurant looks fabulous and I WILL be checking it out. Fresh. Local. Seasonal. This is MY type of place

Have you tried Distrito (Mexican) or Osteria (italian)?

If so, what are your thoughts ? I have not tried either.

2.   Hair cut! 
I love my cut! After my former stylist left and moved up North, I had to go back to an oldy buy goody. I went to Rizzieri, which is NOT located in Moorestown (yay! Closer to me!)

This is what I wanted:


This is what I got 🙂


3.   Teachers! 

Have you heard of this?

Supporting teachers and students since 2000 makes it easy for anyone to help a classroom in need. Public school teachers from every corner of America create classroom project requests, and you can give any amount to the project that inspires you.

I am going to try to get on board and see if I can have some things donated for my kiddo’s and classroom!!

4.   Spring Trends

LOVING:   Yellow (Sunny and makes me feel HAPPY!)

Banana Republic Spring 2015 collection is filled with bright colorYELLOW FASHION TREND FOR SS13' ::M::

Considering this in white and blue for graduation.    My decorating skills are limited.   A mason jar centerpiece with daffodils and decorated with burlap from bingdotcom.jpgThe 7 Biggest Bag Trends For Spring 2015: Consider this the perfect time to start drafting your Spring '15 wish list.

Flats, sandals, sneakers = COMFORT yay!

I used to be a fan of the heel, however not so much lately.  Ever since I stopped running, I am more comfortable in flats (weird , right?)

So I am excited to see that Flats and sneakers are the big trend!!

The Best Flats for Spring!

I really need to pick up another pair of these soon! They are my favorite, light weight sneakers to run around in!

NEW BALANCE 410 black/blue/pink


Bellbottoms are BACK

I love white buttons down and jeans, its so basic and yet it can be plays so many ways with accessories

Go Buy Now: '70s-Style Jeans - Celebrity Style and Fashion from WhoWhatWear

Overalls (No! NO! No!)

Poppy Delevingne in denim overalls, a white knit rib tank, and sneakers

I had a dream about overalls last night.....and was hoping we would see funny, this is one of the top boards in my feed this morning.....

Vintage 80s Overalls Dungarees. Gusto ko ng ganito!!!!

This gentleman all dressed up in his nice overalls >>> These photos are so cute!

Platform sandals (gah!)

Women‘s Adley Platform Wedge Sandals

5.   Books 

My favorites this month

The Girl On the Train

We Are Called to Rise

Both were great in their own ways 🙂

The Lovely Bones is in there as well ! ❤

Here are the Top 3 on my To READ list 

My Sisters Keeper

The Husband’s Secret

The Art of Racing In the Rain

PS- YES! I read a lot. My television is NEVER on, I prefer to read ❤

Weekend Feeling Check in

Eh.  My anxiety is pretty low (Yay!) but the guilt level is VERY high. I did not “exercise” yesterday, nor will I likely today and I feel bad. I feel guilty, lazy, awful.

I want to redirect and focus on the wonderful things I will and can do instead. Honestly, “exercise” just is not ideal for me at the moment. I am NOT going to force myself to do something I do not enjoy (the gym) and the things I do want to do (walk/run outside) I prefer not to because it is raining. So, instead I am doing OTHER things and of course feel bad.

I just wish these awful, hateful thoughts would go away on their own, but I know they won’t. I know I am the only one that can stop them. I am the only one that can STOP beating myself up.

These thoughts make me feel like a failure, which results in feeling depressed, sad, lonely, unmotivated. It is a vicious cycle as many of you know.

I want to enjoy what I am doing IN THE MOMENT, instead of beating myself up.

For example. Blogging. I enjoy it. It feels good. Its fun, I like to provide things for my readers to enjoy, PLUS it is a place for me to gather my thoughts and vent.  I also love hearing from people about their thoughts, likes, dislikes on things that I post about.

HOWEVER, I think “You SHOULD be running, or should have RAN first before blogging, now you are just sitting around on a Saturday morning on your butt, typing”


Go away big bad ED

Your Turn:

1.  What spring trends are you LOVING/LOATHING?
2.  Have you been to any great restaurants lately?
3.  Weekend plans?

4.  What are you reading??


6 thoughts on “Saturday Safes 03.14.15”

  1. Your hair looks great! ❤ I'm so happy that it's finally warming up again!

    My Sister's Keeper was a great book. ❤ Don't beat yourself up over not doing certain things! (I know that's easier said than done. ._.) But it really does help to just recognize that it didn't happen, move on, and make sure you section off time to get to it the next day! :]


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