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Un manic Monday 03.16.15

“Just another UN manic Monday….”

Surprisingly, my day was pretty UNmanic 🙂  Monday’s (and Friday’s) are usually tough for me because of the transition from weekend to work….BUT not today.  I felt well prepared and well rested, I am positive that accounts for some of it ❤ (Or my moms fabulous TURKEY dinner last night!)

UN manic

I want all of these bookmarks. This would surely make me happy any day (or at least giggle a bit to myself)

UN manic

10 courageous ways to live life without regrets.

These are fabulous tips and things to think about. I am trying to incorporate most of them into my life. As uncomfortable and difficult as they are they are what makes you true to yourself and others

UN manic

Dinner Dates.


My parents and I have decided to alternate Sunday’s as Family feast day. One weekend MY HOUSE, next weekend my PARENTS house. I am thinking pot roast this weekend….<3

And maybe a game!?  Suggestions?!

UN manic

Speaking of GAMES. Anyone have an old candy land game they’d like to donate to my classroom? I have a fun sight word game that I want to incorporate with the pieces on the Candyland game board 🙂

Games make me think of TWO things. Tina and Mike.  Most of my memories of games are with my cousins ❤

We loved Sorry, Connect Four, Battle Ship, Uno, Mouse Trap, Operation, Twister. Do you guys remember playing Hungry Hungry Hippo’s at babcia’s?

I also recall a Cabbage Patch was a HUGE favorite

Tina, did you have this one?

Oh geez, then we got these…

Our dolls used to converse?? Or am I making this up ?!  

It was so much fun playing board games. I wish kids would play them TODAY as often as we did!!

ok, geez, FOCUS Diana, FOCUS!!! I get so easily distracted with kid stuff!! I think deep down, I still WANT to be a kid ❤

UN manic

Positive approach and positive thinking (one of my goals)

So today, I felt DOWNNNNNNN because my students were giving me a hard time, behaviorally. Of course, I started to beat myself up over this, THEN I started to think about all the positive things that happened today!

One of my students can COUNT money!!! You guysssssssssssss this is huge!!  A month ago, he would not even be able to identify the coin names, let alone count up to $1.00 (Thank you TOUCH MONEY! best thing EVER!)


UN manic

Wonderful day for a walk, with Lily



I figured today was going to be the warmest of the week, so WHY not continue to make my day un-manic. It is amazing. I begin feeling so stressed, my mind is all over the place, I want to scream and kick and ……half way through my walk a sense of calmness comes over me. Then I am able to SEE things. I can see all the beautiful flowers, people, pets. I can feel the warm sun. I can feel the breeze. I smell dinners cooking. I smile ❤

UN manic

I had a REALLY good “Feel Good” food weekend (and Monday)

I ate what I wanted. When I wanted. Ate more. Was content, didn’t really think much about it. Did not feel guilty having seconds of my moms FABULOUS Turkey Day in March dinner ❤

I hope more of these days are coming my way! ❤

UN manic

Adorable Water Color Spring flower craft (for kids)

UN manic

Denise! YOUR lemon bars would be amazing in these

lemon bar ice cream




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