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Weekend Update/Week Ahead 3.15.15

The rain has ended! Yay!! The sun came out, so did my smile!

It really is amazing how the sun just makes you ………….happy!

My weekend was filled with fun, fear, anxiety and happiness. 

I am sure YOURS was as well 🙂 We are all human, and it is OK to not always be happy ❤

Lets focus on the HAPPY things, here is what made ME happy ❤

My haircut and color

Love it. Light, easy, breezy.  Now if I could only replicate my stylists hard work 😦


Rizzieri Moorestown Mall 

I love their new location for so many reasons.

  • access from both inside the mall and outside
  • closer to home
  • huge
  • clean, refreshing feel to it
  • makes me feel “important” being there

Sam cut my hair. I would highly recommend her. I have been using her for a while now ❤

Sam also used this amazing mousse on my hair. I’m not even sure what the mousse DID to my hair, BUT the smell. OMG the smell. I want to rub it all over and roll around in it…..


This stuff is AMAZING.  It smells SO GOOD.  I am sure it works well too ❤

Saturday Morning Parkour

I love taking “H” here. It is so fun to watch them practice. Parkour is such a great activity for kids (and adults) because not only does it focus and work on physical strength, it also works on your mental strength. So much is accomplished during the class.  Most importantly , taking risks, facing fears and not giving up.


Saturday mornings classes are run by a few trained “Ninja warriors”  (Jamie from American Ninja warriors was sporting a tux and blue hair this weekend!)

The class begins with a warm up.  Next the ninjas show the kids their obstacle course for the day. Climbing nets, zip lines, balance beams, walking on rolling spools, wall climbing…….the possibilities are endless and constantly changing 🙂


The kids get a few turns to run the course.

Afterwards the class winds down with a cool down stretching session 🙂


Its a great program! Jamie even offered a few free classes for my students to try 🙂

Check out Pinnacle Parkour here (first class is FREE!)

Little Red Riding Hood at the Ritz Theater (Oaklyn)


“H” and I headed to our SECOND Little Red Riding Hood Show of the year, we saw it earlier at the Pitman theater, this time it was the Ritz.  Both shows were great, but very different.
I REALLY enjoyed yesterdays performance at the Ritz.  It was funny. It was interactive. It had a lesson for the kids (Today it was to FOCUS on one thing at a time. Complete one thing before moving on to the next)

Such a great and important skill for kiddo’s to know!

“H” loved it as well! He was so excited and REALLY wanted to be chosen as one of the “animals” that distracted Little Red on her walk to Grandma’s. He was not chosen but was a good sport anyway 🙂

The Ritz Theater company

The next children’s show is The Frog Prince (April 23 – 25)

GO!  🙂

PS- During the show “H” looked over at me, and it just dawned on me how much he resembles his mother 🙂  I was in disbelief, I had never really noticed it before. Its amazing when you see such resemblances!  Those eyes!! LOVE THEM ❤


Lily’s Puppy Playdate

Yes. Lily was invited to a “hot dog” party. A group of dachshunds and their owners gathered at the Philadelphia Animal Hospital (adjacent pet hotel that was attached) for a play date.

I think it was more for the owners.

It was H-I-L-A-R-I-O-U-S seeing all the wiener dogs together!

Long hair, short hair, mixes, dapple, ALL so adorable. Also, SO loyal to their owners! Each doxie would run off , then turn around to check on their owners and go RIGHT back!

Here are a few pictures. I TRIED to get a group photo, BUT the little stinkers were NOT cooperating!

What is it with kids and dogs and pictures!?  GRRRRRRRRRRRRR




Lily LOVED it and was a very tired pup for the rest of the night….


Today I am just trying NOT to stress, overthink, give myself anxiety over silly things and just enjoy my day. I want to get the things done that I am avoiding (bills, food prep, etc) then allow myself some “Me Time”

Of course my mind is in overdrive thinking about the week ahead. There is just so much twirling around up there…….its difficult to focus. 😦 This gives me anxiety. This is what causes me to beat myself up. I can’t focus on the things I NEED to do, and just relax and do them . I have to release it by forcing myself to run, walk, etc. Its just another avoidance.  I am going to try to get done the things I dread, THEN enjoy a walk or run or some sort of activity.





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