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Thankful Thursday 03.19.15

I am so thankful for these LONGER day!  Seriously, I feel so much better. I feel less stressed, less anxious and like I have MORE time to get things done!

Longer days = Happy Diana ❤

Yesterday I posted about being THANKFUL for my parents. (See post here)

I really am lucky and so fortunate to have had such a wonderful, memorable and meaningful experience. Not everyone is so fortunate and lucky.

I am thankful for all the values my parents instilled in me. Without that I would not be who I am today.

My family always made FAMILY and priority.  We are what matters. People are what matters. Family is what matters. Without that , you have nothing. All the money in the world can not buy you happiness.

I will gladly carry on with many traditions and qualities I learned from my parents ❤

I am thankful

for the kindness that OTHERS have shown me and thankful I am able to pass it along to someone who needs it ❤

You never know when YOU will make someone else’s day 🙂

I am thankful

Hello, Beauty! Beauty Bag

that Whole Foods is offering a BEAUTY BAG this weekend, for only $18!! Whatttttttt?!

I am thankful

for Temple Grandin

She is incredible. Fascinating. Inspiring. She really is my hero. She has changed my world and many others about the world of autism…….I am currently on the waiting list to see her LIVE and in person. She is presenting locally. I have my fingers crossed I get IN!!!!

About Temple Grandin

Dr. Grandin didn’t talk until she was three and a half years old, communicating her frustration instead by screaming, peeping, and humming. In 1950, she was diagnosed with autism and her parents were told she should be institutionalized. She tells her story of “groping her way from the far side of darkness” in her book Emergence: Labeled Autistic, a book which stunned the world because, until its publication, most professionals and parents assumed that an autism diagnosis was virtually a death sentence to achievement or productivity in life.

Dr. Grandin has become a prominent author and speaker on the subject of autism because “I have read enough to know that there are still many parents, and yes, professionals too, who believe that ‘once autistic, always autistic.’ This dictum has meant sad and sorry lives for many children diagnosed, as I was in early life, as autistic. To these people, it is incomprehensible that the characteristics of autism can be modified and controlled. However, I feel strongly that I am living proof that they can” (fromEmergence: Labeled Autistic).

Even though she was considered “weird” in her young school years, she eventually found a mentor, who recognized her interests and abilities. Dr. Grandin later developed her talents into a successful career as a livestock-handling equipment designer, one of very few in the world. She has now designed the facilities in which half the cattle are handled in the United States, consulting for firms such as Burger King, McDonald’s, Swift, and others.

Temple Grandin, Ph.D., is now the most accomplished and well-known adult with autism in the world. Her fascinating life, with all its challenges and successes has been brought to the screen. She has been featured on NPR (National Public Radio), major television programs, such as the BBC special “The Woman Who Thinks Like a Cow”, ABC’s Primetime Live, The Today Show, Larry King Live, 48 Hoursand 20/20, and has been written about in many national publications, such as Time magazine, Peoplemagazine, Forbes, U.S. News and World Report, and New York Times.. Among numerous other recognitions by media, Bravo Cable did a half-hour show on her life, and she was featured in the best-selling book, Anthropologist from Mars.

Dr. Grandin presently works as a Professor of Animal Science at Colorado State University. She also speaks around the world on both autism and cattle handling. At every Future Horizons conference on autism, the audience rates her presentation as 10+.

Dr. Grandin’s current bestselling book on autism is The Way I See It: A Personal Look at Autism and Asperger’s. She also authored Unwritten Rules of Social Relationships, Animals Make us Human,Animals in Translation, Thinking in Pictures, Emergence: Labeled Autistic and produced several DVDs. All books and DVD’s available through Future Horizons.

Temple Grandin’s work continues to inspire millions, drawing superlative reviews such as these:

“Temple is my hero. She has my vote for the person who has provided the greatest advance in our understanding of autism this century.”
-Dr. Tony Attwood, world renowned expert on autism spectrum disorders.


I am thankful

that tomorrow is Friday!

I am thankful

that Trader Joe’s is RIGHT on my way home from work

Today I got:

(its really really GOOD!! Plus half the caff!! Can’t beat that!)

Just a few of my favorite things, that I am also THANKFUL for ❤

I am thankful

that I finished my progress reports/report cards


I am thankful

that I am able to HEAR people. I was always so anxious, stressed, insecure, I never really truly listened to people. It is amazing what happens (and what you learn) when you truly listen ❤


I am thankful

for audio-books!
Seriously, it can not get any better than WANTING and LOOKING FORWARD to your drive to work in the morning! I can not wait to jump in the car and go!

I just finished The Ruins by Scott Smith

The Ruins by Scott Smith

3 stars ***
read my review HERE

I am thankful

that I have NO plans for tomorrow night. I can NOT wait to come home, walk Lily, eat, rest, relax and call it a night 🙂

I am thankful

for the peace and quiet and being able to do whatever it is I feel like doing

I am thankful

for summer dress season ❤ so easy and breezy

These are so adorable and comfortable looking, perfect for moms, teachers, anyone ❤

I am thankful

for books

I want this room!

I am thankful

for where I am at in my life right now.

I am having so many MORE positive days in ALL aspects of my life !

good food days > negative food days

feeling happy > feeling sad

loving my job > feeling stressed

feeling strong > feeling weak

feeling smart > feeling unheard and “stupid”

feeling carefree > feeling worried

hopeful > hopeless

powerful > defeated

engaged > preoccupied

productive in a gentle way > productive in a self abusive way

content/full > starved/empty




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