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Friday Faves 3.20.15

It felt like a LONG week, but something was different about it………I was H-A-P-P-Y pretty much EVERY day. Instead of letting a few things get me down, I took a positive approach and ending up having probably the best week (feeling wise) in over a year. 

My anxiety has dropped

My need for perfection is decreasing

I have been sitting more, and not (too) ashamed

I have been calmer, much more collected

I have been happy 🙂

Some of my FAVORITES this Friday


Traders Joe’s Half Caff

I ❤ this stuff. Plus it has less caffeine, which is something I really need less of!

Eggy Oats:

\I love my Egg White Oats with extra cinnamon!

Yup, I have been adding egg’s to my oatmeal!!

It add fluff, and texture and mmmmmmmmmmmm so much goodness


Partner rainbow links

My students (and Amy and myself) had SO much fun doing this. The kids worked together in partner teams to help one another create their own rainbow link. It was really amazing and fun to watch my kiddo’s interacting, laughing, learning and having fun!

Team “building”:  LITERALLY! 🙂

Lets outline “Mrs. F” (lol she REALLY is a great sport!)


We practiced waiting patiently and taking turns to outline Ms. F!  The kids loved doing this and afterwards LOVED getting inside the “frame” to see if they were taller or shorter than Ms. F!  I even got inside. We were pretty close, I am a smidgen taller!

Good Times ❤

It was pretty amazing to see how the last student made the LAST piece fit. He very carefully selected the PERFECT sized piece to finish !


Today is the official first day of spring! Even though it snowed……..I am still so happy that I can say it is SPRING!


So, it seems the previous snow showers/storms we have had, had been SUPER hyped up and made people C-R-A-Z-Y!  Empty store shelves, endless weather reports, early school closing. Enough to nauseate you…..

SOOO how weird is it that I felt NONE of that hype today? Yet, I feel like this was one of the bigger storms?!?!?!?!?

Ok, so the streets were warmer, BUT it still stuck!? In fact, it took me over an hour to get home and I almost got stuck 3 times on a hill!?

Are people just so SICK and used to the snow, that this was no big deal?

Is it me? Am I CRAY!?

I am just happy that TOMORROW will actually feel like the FIRST TRUE day of spring

Coach Bag Bingo:

I am super excited for this weekend’s Coach Bag Bingo! I have never been (or really ever heard of it) I have no clue what to expect, although I DO expect to be leaving with a COACH BAG!!! (kidding, kidding)….I mean , it WOULD be nice though

Thanks Denise for always thinking of me ❤

And YES, This is me, OFFICIALLY……(Ooooo is that COFFEE in their cup?!)


Travel and Adventure Show:

This is SO up my alley. I love to travel, I wish I could do it more (and afford to more!) But I am not complaining! I am excited to see some places I may like to put on my “Must See” list, plus possibly meet some …..celebrities? (I admit, I get pretty star struck, EASILY)

I plan on stopping by and checking it out. I will update if I do!


Reading & Books:

Some new books I am dying to DIVE into:

The Rosie Effect & The Rosie Project by Don Tillman

(Reviews make SEVERAL references to how the main character is similar to Sheldon from Big Bang Theory.  So, if you are a fan, check this book out!)


The Haunting of Sunshine Girl

This is supposed to be a young adult read (which I really love)

What got me? The main character is described as “AdorKable”


The Haunting of Sunshine Girl

The Precious One

The Precious One

From the bestselling author of Belong to Me, Love Walked In, and Falling Together comes a captivating novel about friendship, family, second chances, and the redemptive power of love

It focuses on her “jerky father”. Im curious to see what makes him so jerky 🙂

The Book of Wanderings:  A Mother Daughter Pilgrimage 

The Book of Wanderings: A Mother-Daughter Pilgrimage

This seems RIGHT up my alley because

1. My mom is my best friend

2.  I love to travel and explore with her!



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