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Bingo for Bags!

Last night was my first time ever at a Designer Bag Bingo event.  I was not sure what to expect! I kind of had a picture in mind of this……..




It was NOTHING like I expected!

St. Teresa School in Runnemede hosted and sponsored the event.  Doors opened at 6:30, the games began at 7:30. This gave you time to find parking (which was a bit CRAY), check out the designer bags on display, chat, eat, drink, mingle, set up your lucky bingo space ( I saw a woman bring her trolls and line them up neatly!)

Large groups of women and friends gathered together, this was a PRODUCTION. Food, sweets, treats, pizza, alcohol the works!! A night of FUN, FOOD and BAGS!

When I arrived, “D” found me (Phew, it was so crowded!) and showed me what to do next. I got my bingo boards, and opted out of buying any additional (I am a first timer, was not sure if I could handle the multiple boards)  I am not quite a pro like Erin yet, at one point she was playing 12 boards!! She was focused and had a system in place!!!

At first it all seemed like overload, but it actually was NOT that difficult to follow 🙂  After my first game, I too, felt like a pro

There were 12 games in all, you could buy the additional game board which included a really nice Michael Kors get up (bag, sunglasses, date purse)

Some games went FAST (Bastards!) Some went slow. The anticipation and excitement was HIGH! Each time a number is called a little bit of you thinks “HEY!! I DO have a shot!!”

Unfortunately I did not win, nor did the people sitting next to me, BUT a few woman at my table did win ❤ So that is super exciting!

Each game had a specific named order. You could play Regular bingo, 4 corner, plus sign, jail bars, number 7 and various others……each one was nicely modeled on the main stage bingo board (the rows that you NEEDED were lit up for you)

It is AMAZING a group of women still can not follow directions ❤  We had quite a few FALSE ALARM Bingos because they did NOT play the specified board! THEIR loss! (Pay attention people! This is serious!!! <3)

I had a GREAT time, honestly, this was one of the most fun nights I have had in a very long time. It was a PERFECT mix for me. Just enough socialization, then it HAD to be quiet. Ahhhh 🙂 It was nice, challenging, I was doing something, with people I felt comfortable with. It was a great night.

In fact, I will be absolutely attending more of these. It really was a great girl nights out!

I have already started looking for upcomming events 🙂

Here are a few of my own pictures from the night….


Two of the bags I had my eye on (Hmmm, could it be because they are BLUE!?)


The madness!


All of the bags ❤


My love of MINI things. How cute are the mini solo shot glasses!?!?!!


Tee hee!!!

Have you ever been to any type of bingo game?


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