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Un-Manic Monday 3.23.15

I had an awesome Monday! Hope you did too!

I think my incredible weekend had something to do with that 🙂


Family dinner Sunday’s


I had my parents over last night for Pot Roast and veggies, with apple turnovers and haagan daaz for dessert 🙂



I never got a good AFTER picture 😦  And there are no leftovers………..

I love spending time with my parents,

PLUS I get to try out my cooking skills and get some good, honest, feedback!  (I can usually tell by the expression on my dad’s face whether he likes it or not, NO words needed ha!)


Plus the fur-ball, Lily, got some excitement (and some unexpected scraps from my dad, somewhere…..)


This morning I decided to re-check my Whole Foods Beauty bag, and………….SURPRISE!!  There was the eye shadow duo!! IT was hidden under some brown recycled paper filling!!

Pacifica eye shadow duo (In Moonbean and Unicorn!)
I ❤ the name Unicorn for a shadow! That is enough to sell me!

I have not tried it yet, but when i do, I will post my review (along with the other products on my TO TRY list)



My shoulders, neck and lower back have been KILLING me. I hold ALL of my stress in my shoulder. ALL. All those food thoughts, work thoughts, life thoughts , right here….

My massuese, Jake from Hand and Stone in Marlton is fabulous. No incredible. No stupendous.  There are no words that would describe him or his hands. He totally listens and knows how to work my body. He has the perfect blend of pressure…..I walk out feeling MUCH lighter, PLUS he always has some amazing tips for me

He suggested:

  • hot yoga
  • more water
  • bengay type gel (wow, talk about old lady , first bingo, now ben gay….. 😦  )
  • figure 8 resistance band! (He suggested I get a cheap resistance band and tie it into a “figure 8” and wear it around the house in the evening, when cooking, cleaning, etc.) This will help loosen my shoulders as WELL as work on my posture.


One of my creative students wanting to wear our “movement scarf” as a tutu and become a ballerina during morning exercises (This seriously made me SMILE all day!)


My parents DATING

It was so sweet. My mom and dad went on a “date” Saturday night!

First they saw “Divergent” at the Marlton theater (first time for dad in those comfy seats and his FIRST time ever in a 3D movie!)

Afterward the went to Chez Elena Vu in Voorhees for some dinner 🙂

My dad had “Grandfather Shrimp” that he could/would not stop talking about!

For dessert they shared a “Chocolate Bomba”



I bet this tastes amazing! However, I just have a problem with it. I am not sure what it is…….because I am crazy about the thought of a PB&J stuffed with bacon and banana, not much different.
I don’t know, maybe its the cookie form? Or the fact that the bacon is IN the cream? Yes. Thats what it is. The thought of the bacon being grinded up into a creamy paste…..thats it for SURE

I know a few girls that are excited to try these. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE share your feed back with me!!!

Ps- Trader Joe’s now has Cookie Butter Sandwich Cookies  (10 oz box $3.99)


Books 🙂

Friends Book Sale

(Cherry Hill Public Library)

Join us for a fantastic book sale on the lower level of the library.

All books are sorted in to categories and prices are as follows: Hardbacks $2, Paperbacks $1,

CDs and Videos $2; Saturday Special – Bag of Books $5


Wednesday, March 25: Friends Early Access 6 p.m.-8:30 p.m.

Thursday, March 26: 9:30 a.m.-9 p.m.

Friday, March 27: 9:30 a.m.- 5 p.m.

Saturday, March 28: 9:30 -5 p.m.


Cauliflower mashed potatoes

I made this for dinner Sunday night, and my DAD, yes my DAD! Loved them!
You make them just like regular mashed potatoes (milk, butter, whatever you put in ) and Tada!!

He wants my mom to make them again for him!



1 thought on “Un-Manic Monday 3.23.15”

  1. Thank you for such a great dinner on Sunday. It was fantastic, everything was delicious. You are such a great cook, just like mama. I am so lucky to have such a wonderful daughter. Looking forward to having you for dinner this Sunday. It shall be a surprise.


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