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Thankful Thursday 3.26.15


I am thankful for 


Thriller Fest

I would like to try to go to this!!! How fun!!! If you love reading thrillers maybe you should check it out too!?

LOL Nevermind, I just checked out the prices……..what!?

I am thankful for 

my house AND living alone 🙂 At first it was difficult, now I am really beginning to love it. I do not think I could ever do a “roomate” I would feel to uncomfortable. I really like my privacy 🙂

How to Live Alone without Feeling Lonely

I am thankful for 

My last observation of the year being OVER!!

It was unexpected, and just like a band aid. Quick and painless………..:)

I am thankful for 

the internet

Ha! Seriously you can find everything. Now I know what types of guys NOT to date, and I also know that I (as a teacher) am in the highest ranking for being UNFAITHFUL in a relationship! Can you believe it?! Teachers!?

I honestly would have never thought they were the highest ranking!  Did you?

10 Most Unfaithful Professions


I am thankful for 

cheap books!
I made out really well (so did my friend!) at the Cherry Hill Library book sale!

I got a few of my GoodReads picks:

Night Film

Night Film

My Sisters Keeper

My Sisters Keeper

I Know this Much Is True

I Know This Much Is True

The best $5 I have spent in a long time! 🙂


I am thankful for 

Friday’s and weekends!

and Friday Jean Days!! ❤

I am thankful for 

places like CHOP

I visited a student yesterday that recently had (successful!!) surgery, and my heart goes out to all the dedicated and amazing workers at CHOP (The Children s Hospital of Philadelphia). Honestly, some sights broke my heart, others made it melt.  The staff are so warm, caring, friendly, just want kids need to make them feel comfortable at a time that is so scary for them. As adults we fear the doctors and hospitals, children, have it even worse, because they do not really understand

I am impressed with the love and support I saw among-st workers in every area (Doctors, nurses, desk staff, security, food workers…..)



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