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Friday Faves 3.27.15

This was a long week. I am sure MANY can agree ❤

However it was a productive and overall “happy” week! 

Hope yours was too!

Some of my favorites….

Feelings:  Realization

I have finally realized, or accepted, the fact that anxiety and fear of certain situations (pretty much anything including confrontation) makes me want to run. Confrontation, anxiety and fear, make me feel…….FAT

When I feel scared, uncertain, unsure, anxious, I go back to what comforts me. Feeling FAT.  I can tell myself I am fat and unworthy and have something to BLAME the situations on.

Nope, not gonna happen!

I am confronting my fears and people as uncomfortable and difficult as it may be, this is the only way. In the end, I end up feeling so much “lighter” . That “FAT” feeling goes away….

Pretty amazing discovery ❤

Feelings:  Productive

I got so much accomplished in work/school this week! Report cards, progress reports, IEP goals, present levels, planning, printing….so on and so on. It feels SO good to be productive.

Feelings:  The bad will pass

I always fear that those negative/bad feelings will NEVER go away. Yet, every single time I have them, they DO go away.

I was on the way to visit a student at the hospital and was really beating myself up over not exercising for 2 days…..Those terrible thoughts came again “You should be able to work out AND go to the hospital Diana, what is wrong with you, you are L-A-Z-Y”

SHUT UP Ed. I am not.  I have more important things to do and you know what? The look and smile on that little guys face was priceless and quickly made that feeling of guilt go away. This was worth it. If I hadn’t gone, THEN I would have truly felt guilty ❤

Feelings:  Judging

People judge. Everyone judges. I judge. However it is something I am really focusing to work on.  Every day I hear so many judgments. It is quite sad that this is what we have all resorted to. We are unhappy and bored with our own life and try to make ourselves feel better by putting others down. We are in no place to judge, as difficult as it is, unless we are in that persons shoes, we should keep it to ourselves.

Plus once one person says something, Its like a domino effect!  Too easily people believe what one person says or spreads.

Try to be aware of your own judging. We do not want others to judge us, so lets really try not to judge others ❤

It is SO easy to judge. Its difficult to STOP and ask someone why or how they do something. Once you do, its quite amazing how eye opening it is and how it can often be a smack in your own face to how WRONG you have really been

Feelings:  Ouch

Seeing something in writing, hurts.  Whether it is true or not, seeing it right there on paper, written, typed, printed in BLACK dark ink. Ouch , words can hurt

However when you get hurt, you on get stronger ❤

Feelings:  Funny!

Tina (and any other moms and teachers!)  check this out!! 

Favorite Fashions

This is awesome! She takes Pinterest outfits and finds look alikes that will actually fit into anyone's budget! Because who wants to spend $4,000 on a purse? Being frugal can be stylish! :)Dark blue dress and white lined shorts for summers

Random favorites

Tipsy Whisky Layer Cake

The Tipsy Whiskey Layer Cake |

One of my favorite fellow bloggers is offering a sephora give away!! Weeeeeeeeeeee! How perfect for spring!! Click here to enter yourself!

Favorite Freeing Moment

It was not because of your infidelity

It was not because of your addiction and abuse

It was not because you did not know yourself

It was not because you changed like a chameleon around others

It was not because of your immaturity

I could have dealt with , worked through and handled all those….

It WAS because you were NOT there for me at a time when I needed you most. It was how you treated me when I was scared. It was your refusal to even sit with me for a few moments when my brother was in the hospital. Yes hospitals are scary. They are unpleasant, but I know if someone I cared about asked me to be there for them , I would.  If I couldn’t I would at least talk about it and compromise

It was then that I realized that you did not even love yourself. When you don’t love yourself, it is very difficult if not impossible to love someone else

I deserve more than that 


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